Is positive mechanistic energy just love. The present moment just actioning a positive narrative, all good narratives have ups and downs right? frequency and vibrato.

2 thoughts on “love?”

  1. Maybe love is undefined and unanswerable, outrageous, unrepeatable, unbeatable; like and action and reaction . A vibrant mix of brain chemicals and emotions attachments, a delusional ephemeral journey, a dusk of wild osculation; the beginning of of madness and the end of loneliness, a mindful delirium of two warm bodies yearning for vivid arousal. Love is ethereal; it’s a lunatic and chaotic bond. Love is like words drenched on your mouth while pronouncing a name on a frigid, eccentric midnight. Perhaps love is nothing but hundreds of heart beats collided with the rhythm of the sound , hope and soul; you and me and the mystery that wrap up our fate . Love is also pain, and sacrifice and a tick of masoquism . Love is the shadow of your inner burden and the shimmer of your brightest days and we survive by giving giving it all. Lara

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