Cold showers and diet thoughts

Just listened to The Joe Rogan Experience #773 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and there were some interesting points. They were talking about the benefits of cold showers and how it’s actually not good to have a cold shower soon after exercising because it can blunt the benefits of the inflammation response of the body to physical exercise.. well that was her hypothesis. There were many other things discussed which don’t come to mind although as is often the case, it was a worth while podcast.

I just got home from a hill ride, I have done the same 40km ride before without my legs being totally exhausted and so I guess I have been in better shape. I would also note that the diet I’m on has been doing good things for my energy, I felt I was able to keep powering on without suffering too much in as far as how my energy systems were working. So thats good news, another plus for the diet I’m on, just need to rest my legs now. Time to scoot my ass over to mums for more dinner. Didn’t count food intake today properly. I think I’ll add all my own custom foods to since their food profiles are all over the place.

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