Keeping up the diet

Without looking too much like a stereotype Instagram post.. I’m making a bunch of healthy food + coffee. If I can get a routine of good food going, even meal prepping it – which I think would be my best use of time, then that sounds good. Currently. Also I need to figure out how much this is all costing me. Mood and energy wise I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, despite feeling kinda hungry a lot of the time and sad when I walk through the various baked goods in the market.. Doughnuts and croissants :'(
Early dinner of:

  • ~220g steamed potato (steaming is the best)
  • Fried spinach with garlic on olive oil Maybe ~150g
  • ~100g steamed carrots
  • ~40g fried onion
  • 180g salmon trout

And I’ve got extra stuff left over tomorrow for breakfast including eggs. Sounds good to me.

This took ehh too many hours walking around the central markets…

Have to emphasise that mood results are something to put on a postcard, it’s been less than a week, so my joy is somewhat hesitant, none the less I am indeed joyous (rejoice). The feeling is a narrower band of mood, which I feel is less stressful. I had a carb load session for dinner before Martial Arts and a coffee and didn’t feel super energetic. But I had an excellent bjj session. Relaxed and capable. So despite feeling not super energetic after eating my potatoes and carrots, I felt capable enough. This in a subtle way feels like new territory. Many new experiences of new territory in the past year or so. Rejoyce. Do it.

So I feel my Carbs and Protein levels agree with the Primal recommendations.

Here’s a screenshot of today’s food. foodI feel that the scales I got yesterday seem pretty good for keeping carbs and protein within those narrow bands talked about in the Primal diet.


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