Where are the Carbs?!

So with this new Primal Diet thing, I haven’t got to reading any of The Primal Blueprint, although I’ve got the free sample on my kindle ready to go. I’ve been doing this diet for a few days, and I’ve noticed a few things. My crashes are more psychological than physiological, which is a giant relief. It’s very early days, we’ll see how this whole thing goes. Which means that while I might feel a little crappy, I don’t feel like my systems are off line, I guess the crashes are just smaller.. ehh we’ll see, but yeah its interesting to note that I haven’t had my afternoon crashes, I don’t want to go sleep around 4pm. I’m just chugging along at 45% energy, which leads me to today. It’s Monday and I wanted to go to the gym, but this diet isn’t giving me the energy. The idea of that was not possible, I knew I didn’t have the energy. I was looking at the food logs (initially using fitday.com but then myfitnesspal.com which I’m still not entirely satisfied with) I had done over the past few days and I was not getting any carbs.

I looked at this page on marksdailyapple.com which had the much talked about carb curve. I wasn’t getting my 100g. So I google primal carb sources and eyoo, on this (awesome) page I see that sweet and normal potatoes are going to give me ~20% carbs. fukn yes.
So, steamed chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and maybe a good half kilo of potatoes at 5pm and I here I am sitting after a mild session at the gym.

So dropping grains isn’t giving me the charge of energy I am used of, but this softer continuous energy is a really positive sign for me. If I can slowly build up this more steady energy rather than have a burst of energy before a total crash, I think thats a good thing. On the way home I decided to get something I think isn’t a waste of money, since I want to keep my carb/protein levels in a pretty specific range.


This bad boy is accurate to a gram, and cost less than $15. I think this could be a super useful tool to get an accurate and precise understanding on what kinds of levels of food I want to be taking in.

My intuition is that by trying this diet within the recommended parameters, dialling up carbs before I want to exercise, then I’ll be in the best shape moving forward. I do look forward to trying Spinach and other foods as well as getting a regime going. I’ll note that without these crashes messing with me the last few days I’ve been super productive in as far as how my mind has been operating. I’m also keeping in mind that it’s not just an insulin spike from gluten which I’m trying to get into balance but also stomach problems from travel last year… But this is looking good, doesn’t look like I’m feeding this stomach parasite with sugar of any kind (no fruit) but also stopping gluten is better yet.. we’ll see.

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