Sometimes, like today, I find I can gather a real sense of comprehensive sovereignty with regard to my perspective through a meditation. This morning – half an hour ago – I was feeling clouded, not that I have seen some strong change. I sat down to meditate, caught myself planning a web server for a cooling fan for a data storage cabinet. Then I remembered Joe Rogan talking about ‘the land of distractions and bullshit’ or something like that. He said it takes him possibly 30 minutes to navigate this thought space in ‘the tank’. GissepeOnce I caught myself here, I allowed myself to feel safe and observe the weeds, glimpse my fears and allow thoughts to flow. I have observed many times since Ayahuasca that my thoughts sometimes take on a flowing sensation, like a vine twisting and moving, I guess if I were to describe it, it would be like a dynamic life like flow of I guess roots may be a good analogy.. but it’s just thoughts. then again everything physical made by physical humans started out as thought.

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