Night cap

imageAs mentioned in a previous podcast I listened to I’m taking salt to help with adrenal fatigue.. Apparently a good dose is half a teaspoon once or twice a day.. Mmk. Also I let my garlic sit for 5 minutes before eating it (with nuts) as mentioned by Rhonda Patrick on JRE.
Today was awesome. Didn’t train, yesterdays training wasn’t great (well it was awesome compared to a bad session), but meditation and diet has really been working for me (in a 10 steps back, 30 steps forward kind of way), getting past noise and thoughts into visual imagery.ctrp_0403_06_z+spark_plug_tuning_guide I had the image of a couple of electrodes heavily covered with some hard build-up, this is the closest image I could find -> but the idea is that it’s interesting that something like this comes up, kind of like some sensor isn’t working due to a build-up of crap. I actually look forward to sitting down for half an hour and doing some clearing work… I think diet really paves the way for this.

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