Procrastination + starting parasite research

Firstly, procrastination..

With that out of the way, and more importantly, I’m still weighing my food to stick with the primal diet. It’s brought up several times on this episode of JREI’m all for sticking with this whole Primal movement. Listening to the Primal podcast is motivating me towards a specific lifestyle, although one thing not harped on too specifically which I guess is the reason for this endeavour for me is parasites. I found due to travel I had some issues with parasites in recent months. I have been researching more and more and the last couple days have really opened up a crate of cans of worms (pun…). So I will be delving into this much further. The thing I am looking for is collaborated experiences of people with similar symptoms. I think the primal diet is an excellent foundation on which to start. But I am still noticing really acute mood fluctuations often in regard to sugar intake (hence the OCD food recording).
Today later in the day I was feeling crappy, I avoided a coffee in the morning despite possibly overcoming adrenal fatigue (evidenced by not feeling shit immediately after a coffee/caffeinated tea this week) and still felt crap in the afternoon.

Parasites 1.

After reading a page on parasites I’d printed out, I remember “the simplest treatment is to eat three cloves of garlic every morning” I’m like 3 cloves?! I was having half a clove 3 times daily, and was being lax on the midday dose due to worrying about farting. So I had a clove at 3pm. It actually made me feel worse for around half an hour, then I allowed myself a coffee with the caveat of reading my book. I’ve been feeling good since (11pm)… Hmm go garlic! and more motivation to continue filtering through these rabbit holes (and less time for what I previously had planned to do..). Also this recent Primal Blueprint podcast on Alcohol I found really useful (for not drinking). Continued here…

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