The parasite rabbit hole

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So earlier in the year I wanted to get tested for parasites due to bowel problems, this came back positive for several types. I’m putting this down to overseas travel although at least one of the types identified was locally found. Since then I have tried a few things to remove them. I am just at the moment listening to a radio episode with Dr Kalcker about his treatment protocol which includes MMS (which I did somewhat try recently). One of the things he has mentioned is that parasites will consume the food and minerals we eat depriving our body of them; leaving our bodies to deal with their poop as a result – which will affect our mood. So this points to a very possible path of action. Currently I am experiencing energy and mood fluctuations as well as acute sugar sensitivity (mood crashes after consuming sugar). These symptoms alone could point to a parasite (or Candida) even without the latest test results I received, although I likely wouldn’t have thought of investigating parasites if it wasn’t my digestion issues.. So I guess it’s a good thing I asked for that test. I actually have partially solved my digestion issues with the primal diet alone so I’m glad I at least know about this parasite issue. Now this leads to the challenge of figuring out a successful treatment for these parasites. Apparently 25% of the worlds population have parasites, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t be in the 75%.
So initially my doctor prescribed 2 different antibiotics (this is back in January). I wanted to hold off and try some natural remedies for a while although both my initial non-pharmaceutical methods as well as the antibiotics didn’t do the trick. In the last few days I have broadened my search and have some new protocols to look into. My doc suggested a product called paracea as a natural remedy. This didn’t work for me, but the main thing I didn’t like about this product was the complete lack of documentation available. Go internet… So initially I tried an MMS protocol, which didn’t seem to work for me, although I didn’t look too deeply into how this can be used. Just in the last couple days I’ve found out about Dr Kalckers parasite protocol including MMS (CL02). After listening to this radio episode with him, I would be interested to try his protocol. The difficult part for me will be getting the various requirements. One thing he recommends is an Enema, another thing I will have to look into further.

So treating parasites seems to be quite a complicated challenge with several different methods, compounded for many with parasites apparently not showing up in tests. I found out about Dr Kalcker from this Youtube video, where the guy making the video has been trying Turpentine. He also linked a ‘Rope Worm’ Facebook group which mentions Turpentine with varying degrees of success. I did find out that genuine ‘gum’ turpentine is available locally although this is a tricky one, I am often very sensitive to alcohol.. So I’ll be staying away from this possible method for a while. Also on the facebook group I discovered the Zapper, which rang alarm bells straight away and reminded me of the time travel device that Kip tries to use on Napoleon Dynamite. I only looked further into this after seeing positive reviews on the Facebook as well as youtube. This Zapper thing is a creation of Dr Clark who also has a parasite protocol available on Amazon with very good reviews (this whole parasite thing seems to have very many approaches). The next thing I’ll be trying is this protocol. I was impressed by the information given in this pdf which goes over the protocol as well as the communication given by the Clark Amazon store. I’m also interested about other cleanses mentioned in the PDF, but I’ll start with the digestive and parasite cleanses. Lots more to learn and look into…

So that gives me:

  • Dr Clarks protocol. I will be trying this as soon as the parts arrive from Amazon. This will take just over a week I’m guessing… and yes I got a Zapper off eBay. In the meantime, more reading, listening and watching.
  • Dr Kalckers protocol. This doctor seems genuine and knowledgeable. I’ll be looking into this method more, specifically the
  • Emenas look interesting (I say with no experience :/). One thing Dr Kalcker mentioned is that that the bigger parasites (worms) take more energy to kill.. This may explain why my previous attempts have failed. Either way, I will be spending more time figuring this out.
    Garlic is also mentioned on his protocol with a dosage of 3 cloves in the morning. I will certainly be upping my Garlic dose throughout the day..
    Dr Kalcker also talks about following a protocol for much longer than 3 months, around a year to deal with the various stages of the parasites – this matches up with the Clark pdf.
  • Fasting. This is talked about in the Kalcker protocol, more reading required.
  • Turpentine. In the linked youtube video there are talks about this by doctors, although I think this may come after a possible liver cleanse talked about by Dr Clark, if at all.

These protocols all fit on top of my new Primal Diet, which is naturally now low(er?) carb (and therefore low sugar).

I’m just starting to listen to a new radio show episode with

  • Professor Alex A. Volinsky, Ph.D. (again linked from the youtube video) which starts by referring back to the previous interview with Dr Kalcker and talks about fasting as well as the Zapper… perfect.
    • He talks about a patented enema method which can be dangerous without medical supervision due to the possibility of a parasite attaching to the wall of the intestine which can cause bleeding if killed, although he is talking about an enema with some harsh chemical (not specifically MMS).
    • Talking about a water only fast, which can cause the passing of ‘rope worms’
    • 34 mins in:
      “I guess the important thing is when you started getting these rope worms out, what was your experience of your health and how you felt?”
      “It’s a miracle Patrick, the chromic symptoms”… back pain, rashes, head aches, mood swings, they just disappear…

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