Latest intervention: Ozone

I was forwarded this radio interview about ozone which I just listened to. The feel I got for it was excellent, although I already have a bunch of things I’m looking into. I’ve been told that Ozone is better than MMS for enema’s. I’ve just spent a few months working on diet and healthy food – I’m still reading the primal blueprint.

As far as fasting, I’m currently trying one day a week. Just did my first 1 day fast yesterday, seemed good, although super hungry after. Once I understand fasting I need to come to understand the parasite protocols, which branches into cleansing and enemas…

Looking into ozone has turned up some really interesting info, which raises it’s priority in what to focus on.

This turns into an education in the failings of the motivations of big pharma… mmm.

Continued here.

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