Bjj Tuesday

Just a personal rundown of the drills from tonight.

Takedown from over-unders.

Head against their chin and neck, lock hands low on their back. Pull their butt under me with pressure from my shoulder in their chest for the take down. If they stick their butt out then bring my leading foot forward and level change lower in order to be able to get a monkey grip (fingers only).

Get S-mount and transition to an armbar

From mount, post my right arm out above their head. Slide my left hand up onto their left shoulder for the cross face. The cross face will force them to loosen their elbows, allowing me to move up to high mount. Move my right arm from their shoulder to a fist on the ground, from here I can slide my left knee right up above their head. I can control their left arm with my left, pulling up on their left arm, I can put my right hand on their left hip. While holding this controlling position I can slide my right foot above their head to S-mount. If I have their right arm caught under my grip on their left arm, I can make an armbar on their right arm. I can keep my right hand on their hip to make the armbar more effective.

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