Hulda Clark parasite cleanse

I finished this cleanse today and objectively felt a turn in my stomach after breakfast which I am attributing to… a parasite hijacking my food supply and screwing with my moods. There are more messages being sent from the gut to the brain than vice versa, after feeling on it yesterday this is… interesting, I don’t really care in the sense that I have another protocol nearly ready to implement. Next will be the Kalcker Protocol. This includes enemas, although I will be using ozone instead of MMS for water treatment. I’ll maintain ozone saunas, I guess I’ll keep with Zapping, for now. Diet stays Primal, then I will be anticipating more days like yesterday.

I forgot about the Candida element of this whole thing. I have started the Dr Clark Store (Not affiliated with the doctor) Candida cleanse today. Just looking into the ingredients. One confounding element to these protocols I’m looking into is not having visibility into levels of Candida. Parasites may not be as tricky since I can get a test done with a few days turnaround – just means sorting out a doctors appointment. A further complication is that many members of the facebook rope worm group report tests coming back negative despite finding worms…

it continues

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