Health post it notes

  • Fish oil bad – Dr Rowen
  • Calcium supplements also bad..
  • I may start a liver cleanse which seems to have a philosophy in improving digestion through the restoration of liver function, resulting in better bile production, crucial for digestion. It really seems dense resistance like liver stones or whatever you call them reverberate these efficiency reductions through the immune system, apparently this cleanse can remove hundreds of liver stones (!).
  • It’s good being able to see results in the last couple weeks of the Kalcker cleanse (!!!). I got a reply from Kalcker himself confirming that I wait until the next full moon (lols new age) for the parasite life-cycle to become active before restarting the first 8 days. I also received replies from Kerry Riviera and Dr Kalcker re the oxidation effectiveness of MMS vs Ozone, both confirming MMS was apparently better, this I don’t know either way, both seem to have a bunch o pro-biotic effects.
  • Doing Ozone saunas for 20 minutes seems to have the effect of mild energy use, I guess the other benefits are more subtle. If you have unhealthy cells being taken apart by reactive oxygen species released by Lymphaticly absorbed Ozone = well-being. Also the heat shock proteins I think they’re called come into effect stimulating cellular activity I guess.
  • Reiterating it is very heartening to feel results with this much of a personal investment.
  • My fructose sensitivity seems to have chilled out, possibly due to daily saurcraut and kefir probiotics.
  • Coffee sensitivity still somewhat not stellar, possibly tied to the liver. My alcohol sensitivity also points to this..

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