Liver Flush Success

Liver Stones
Taken from google images

I just completed a 6 day Liver flush, which resulted in the successful passing of a bunch of stones, perhaps around 10 pea sized stones as well as a few much larger ones, larger than Macadamia nuts! I think my liver is on the way to being much healthier.

I did the 6 day cleanse as described here, with the final flush last night.

The more I listen and read about digestive health, the more I want to understand and optimise mine. Having clear bile ducts seems super important for my immune system, so I’ll keep this focus up.. I’m feeling really good after my parasite cleanse, although reading this post makes me think I need to focus more on strengthening my gut bacteria. Strengthening my guy bacteria is happening with Kefir shakes every morning, although listening to this podcast makes me think I should try this bravo yoghurt for a while, with Colostrum.

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