Stephen Heuer on Gut health

I’ve just made a pretty expensive purchase of some yogurt from the US after listening to this episode. I just got through hour 2 and the topics covered were pretty diverse. In the second hour they even got to talking about about Candida where Stephen talks about how toxins (heavy metals etc) can cause the body’s natural Candida levels to grow out of balance. This sounds like talking sense to me and Stephen seems to have a honest understanding of what he’s talking about. He mentioned Whey protein as being useful for chelating out toxins, whereas I am looking at buying zeolite to do the same thing. I read this article which is along a similar path to what I’m doing, one of the products linked on that page I believe was a form of Zeolite..

Mp3 Link. – Stephen Heuer on reversing all sorts of allergic reactions, July 18, 2016, hour one.

Part two here.

One thought on “Stephen Heuer on Gut health”

  1. Once again, Steph is doing very heavy self promotion of his private brand label products which are sooo over priced.. If you are really looking to help people, please make your products reasonably priced .. we are poor sufferers who are looking for a savior.. you are just price gouging via private labeling.. Also I think some of your story on African women yogurt testing is twisted as there is no mention of extra special yogurt..

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