Recent: Elon Musk elaborates on his AI concerns

“working on AI and making sure its [a] great future. Thats the most important thing I think right now, the most pressing item”

“if you could prevent dementia, or Alzheimer or something like that with genetic reprogramming” hmm well maybe not the genetic reprogramming but I guess my learning this year would be along the same thread as optimizing health, which I guess is a different perspective on preventing psychopathology.
-Hmm well really we are talking genetic reprogramming with diet along the lines of epigenetics, likely the most interesting half lecture in first year psychology.

Ok, so you have these cars, which to me looks like Nintendo 64s with all their advanced sensor systems, just in the sense that who knows what to expect with further refinement in the tech..

“entropy is not on your side”. This comment said with a smile intrigues me, and instantly reminds me of Robert Pope whom I got he chance to hang out with a few years ago. Just read through the aside for “The Science-Art of the 21st Century Renaissance” Yup. Very much… The last sentence reads

"Western science has been built on the completely false assumption that Newton had a totally clockwork, mechanical world-view."

The aside above is the end of the last paragraph, which starts by saying:

"since the first book was published, its proposal that Newton's gravitational force was a spiritual (holographic) one evoking emotional consciousness, was validated."

“Emotional consciousness” well I guess that makes very simple the connection and understanding of consciousness, as I have often thought as a continuum, rather than some quantum point of ‘self awareness’. So you have subject/observer phenomena as the basis for.. time and this iteration of possibility may as well have “Emotional consciousness”.. 🙂

Something that diminishes fear is fatalism, if you just except the probabilities..

I love the ending, talking about the speed of the line (Telsa car production line) in terms of 5cm per second, the comparison is then scaling up to “the fastest humans can run over 10m per second”…

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