New batches of Bravo – Success

After my last batch of Bravo yoghurt failing completely due to over heating, I’ve made a new batch, and then used that new batch to create a second generation. I measured the temp inside the yoghurt maker at up to 46C at the end of the batch, although the yoghurt looks good (gooood) so I’m really happy with this.

I bought a new pyrex pourer which makes mixing in the powders really easy using the smaller pyrex pourer I bought.

Making batches

12 hours of warmth in the minimum specified in the pdf from Stephen Heuers website “If after 12 hours it is thick enough, take it out and put it into the refrigerator”. The new batch I made was heated for 12 hours and I found it was a little watery. Last night I made the second batch and slept through my alarm to move it to the fridge. It ended up getting 16.5 hours in the yoghurt maker, which actually seems really good, less watery and basically a success 😀

Regarding the second batch, Stephens instructions say “So to a ½ gallon batch of new milk, you’d add 2T of the first batch of  yoghurt, then add 2tsp. to 2T or more of Colostrum Powder. After 2 months of relying on the first batch of yoghurt to make the next batches you have to start over and begin  making the yoghurt using the Bravo Probiotic kit”
I used a litre of milk, so I used 1.5 tablespoons of the first batch and 1.5 tablespoons of colostrum.


“Adults with gut issues, or chronic health issues such as cancer or chronic
fatigue start at 5 ml (1tsp.) per day increasing by 5ml per day up to 100ml per day.”

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