Podcast re Chromium and Vanadium – Tony Pantalleresco Pt. 2

part 2 of the aforementioned podcast  – (Part 2 Mp3 Link).

In part 2 they talk about Chromium and Vanadium which I had heard Dr Wallach talk about in a video, which I need to re-watch (regarding joint health, as well as his mentions of Chromium, Lithium and Vanadium).

  • Chromium: Tony mentioned that chromium has been used in body building for insulin regulation, this sounds promising.
  • Lithium: Also good for insulin regulation apparently.
  • Vanadium: this was a fad in the 90s, Tony believed that vanadium was actually shown to be toxic during that time (explains why I can’t find it on local chemist websites).

My issue is one of sugar sensitivity, where for example I just had 3/4 of an orange after eating the last 1/3 of my breakfast omelette (breaking it into small meals for the sake of helping digestion re. this whole thing). Less than a minute after eating the orange I have neurological symptoms of brain fog, this concisely describes the current sugar sensitivity I’m having.

I put sugar into oneradionetwork.com and got found this link:
Six steps  solve blood sugar problems permanently. First time I’ve heard of this condition:


"a condition in which the body loses the ability to keep blood sugar stable. It has numerous negative health effects all throughout the body: it weakens and inflames the digestive tract, weakens the immune barriers of the gut, lungs and brain, drives the adrenal glands into exhaustion, sets the stage for hormonal imbalances, impairs detoxification, fatty acids metabolism, and fatigues metabolism."

as far as recommendations:

Among the nutrients and herbs that I usually recommended within the Metabolic Typing program for people who suffer from blood sugar dysregulation are supplements containing alpha lipoic acid, chromium, carnitine, banaba leaf, berberine, gymnema Sylvestre,  Brewer’s yeast and bilberry. As far as foods, onions, garlic, blueberry leaf tea, ginger root, fenugreek seed powder, cinnamon, powdered mustard and nutmeg are all beneficial in dealing with blood sugar dysregulations.

My local chemist has chromium picolinate, which allows “Chromium to be utilised more efficiently by the body”. It also appears in a Marks Daily Apple blog post here. Listening again to the podcast, Tony says people often have better results with chromium gtf, when I looked again on the chemist website there was another product, which actually was a combination supplement which contained several of the supplements recommended above :/ chromium gtf is noted here along with a bunch of useful info on chromium.

Also in my search this episode came up.

I found this helpful info on dysglycemia. Which mentions some things I could try:

  • Start day with high protein breakfast
  • Do not eat quick sugars as a meal or a snack
  • Do not eat sugar before bed

This was also helpful (connection between thyroid disorders and dysglycemia), although same kind of info.

Didn’t get to reading this dysglycemia diet.

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