Hair test results – well ok then..!

Just got these hair test results back and jeez..!

So looking into all the chelation protocols I can find on the net, this is a new rabbit hole and my latest intervention… hehe… it continues. So mercury chelation seems to be the most popular chelation protocol as far as facebook groups.. possibly the best protocol I’ve seen so far is The Wilking Protocol, which I will look at applying for myself. This protocol seems to be an extension of sorts of the Cutler Protocol. I’m wondering about how my magnesium and iodine levels will effect my treatment protocol possibly.

I listened to Chris Kressers podcast with Chris Shade, (itunes link) which was very informative on immune and mental problems caused by heavy metals, as well as touching on detoxing.

I was considering Zeolite until I just saw these articles.. I’ll skip that one.

The Cutler Protocol says not to use cilantro or chlorella, which I have just ordered. I assume this is while doing their protocol, but I’ll ask about this and how other things like activated charcoal may help.

I have started 50mg zinc, with B6 as recommended in the lab notes for my test…
Looking at the Wilking protocol they mention the requirement for sulphur, so I just mixed some MSM with a glass of water.. more supplements.

Currently I’m taking:

  • Infowars iodine (reduced to 1 drop after hair test results)
  • Masons mushroom blend (started yesterday after this podcast)
  • Progurt probiotics (previously Bravo)
  • Cold pressed ginger juice with cayanne pepper and honey
  • Selenium 200mg
  • Adaptogens (Rhodiola, ashwagandha, different ginseng types)
  • B5
  • B6 (helps with Zinc and many other things)
  • Zinc (50mg)
  • C (up to 1.5g+)
  • flower essences from a friend (mugwart and saffron tinctures)
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Licorice root
  • Apparently niacin (B3) is used for depression.

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