Political Correctness

Muslims acting as people with western values shall find multi-level integration into western soceity. Those disciples of islam choosing to express the teachings of Mohummad, while contradicting the autonomous agency of western ethical standards, will serve to test the integrity of western values.

Newtons third law of motion for bodies of mass (mass being light wave probability acting in quantum space observed as matter [light based universe]) states:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This can be applied as a metaphor for the moral equlibrium of a soul journey. In that sense Western values are being tested to master poilirisation. Belief systems based on scarcity and seperation may ultimatelty be seen as adolescent, serving to allow lessons of enlightnment and personal growth through mindful reflection. These patterns of behaviour (victim, victimiser etc) aren’t of any real pracical use where play of a more subtle and nuanced creative nature can take place.

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