Joe Rogan Experience #1120 – Ben Greenfield

  • 35 Mins: Traumatic brain injury (Ketones, DHA, hyperbaric O2, stem cells, PEMF)
  • 40 Mins: Fasting for stem cell production (~16 hours is where it kicks in).
  • 44:50 Mins: Protein cycling (meatless Monday, fish/eggs only meats).  0.5g protein per pound of bodyweight. 1 pound =.45kg hence ~.25g protein per kilo. Mark Sisson talks very briefly about protein cycling here.
    From Marks book The Primal Blueprint:
    “As you learned already, you need an average of 0.7 to one gram of protein per pound (.33 to .5 grams per kilo) of lean body weight per day to repair, build, and/or maintain lean muscle mass effectively and to adequately support numerous other metabolic functions dependent upon dietary protein”
    Anyway.. less protein on those days.. note the importance of being attuned to the body most importantly. Could be a good day for legumes. toot toot.
  • 59 Mins: Cooking Steak perfectly.
  • 1:13 Mins: Shouldn’t take vitamin E/C post workout
  • 1:14 Mins: Cold immersion post workout to lower core temp for deep sleep. Don’t workout within 3 hrs before sleep. Importance of good sleep
  • ~1:20 fasted aerobic workout tips for fat metabolism.. + tips
  • ~somewhere: need to eat leafy greens with high fat meats
  • ~1:30 Morning keto, afternoon carbs post workout. Anti ageing effects of blueberry and cacao relating to NAD
  • 1:48 Coffee enemas

So much good stuff

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