Bowel health

Not a pretty topic, but was just recently having some issues with… smelly farts.. probably due to eating a bunch of junk food.
I did an ozonated water enema, and yea a bunch of gross, probably anaerobic, stuff came out. Go Ozone
Back to non processed food for me, including a diet of mainly veggies.

I will add that simply having a water enema (I’m sure ozonated water would help) seemingly has had an immediate positive effect on fatigue.. I guess a bunch of the bad actors causing issues reside in the bowel..

I waited till after the new moon (yes really) as recommended for this:

Gallbladder and Liver Flush

Just completed a Liver Flush this morning. Feeling more energetic and a sense of vibrancy this afternoon. Definitely a fan of this method. Reading YouTube comments from the below video, seems many are also having great results, including from acne. Initially after breakfast this morning I was actually really tired.. makes sense I guess.. Also I almost felt like vomiting after drinking the concoction last night.. much better after passing a bunch of ‘stones’ this morning

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