Encryption flavour of the week in US politics

The latest edition of ‘all your base are belong to us’ starring the US Gov. surrounds forced backdoors in smartphones.

This is what I thought:
Any sanctioned security product does not magically remove all unsanctioned security pathways. So the key holder basically wants to become world police of all security it overseas. We’re the good guys, and we define all control of those we deem to be possibly under inverstigation, this can only lead to the existential question of who is the observer, choosing what the observed may do. Which leads to a self examinitory question of the validity of government expansion.

USoS (United States of Space) – Chappelle

everything is space.

. .within possibility is an idea, even a constant idea like maths. Maths + idea = physical reality. Idea = dimentionality. dimension change linearly, dimension called time. in spacetime is persistent virtual energy flux called particle, around particle is force relation, you stay near me particle thats how this thing works. You change that and there will be more focused energy here.

We are just trying to prove we are more particle than probability


Just saw this on Ram Dass’ FB: Albert Einstein & Rabindranath Tagore on the Nature of Reality

Just a few thoughts running through my mind.

What is crazy about the collective human experience is (in part lets say…) that it is pervasive throughout a lifetime, yet, once a person exits the collective reality, they don’t come back. Ever. There is this massive machine called the present, and it appears as this collective movement, transitioning the fluid of time. Yet when you leave this reality, dream or otherwise, you leave for good, like after the English language is noise in the sparkle of a grain of sand from forever ago. This blog post was brought into realized probability by the number #BREAK and the song Spy Vs Spy by Critical Choice, which I am listening to atm. Frag out

The Translatory nature of communication.

Person to person communication, despite being seen as fitting within language is really a function of interpretive interaction, where the interpretation happens at a the site of a single cognitively functioning entity. In this sense the microcosm/macrocosm interaction can be understood as a holographic dynamic system, where a single entity functions within a cloud of other entities forming an integrated higher order entity. Shower time