Latest intervention: Ozone

I was forwarded this radio interview about ozone which I just listened to. The feel I got for it was excellent, although I already have a bunch of things I’m looking into. I’ve been told that Ozone is better than MMS for enema’s. I’ve just spent a few months working on diet and healthy food – I’m still reading the primal blueprint.

As far as fasting, I’m currently trying one day a week. Just did my first 1 day fast yesterday, seemed good, although super hungry after. Once I understand fasting I need to come to understand the parasite protocols, which branches into cleansing and enemas…

Looking into ozone has turned up some really interesting info, which raises it’s priority in what to focus on.

This turns into an education in the failings of the motivations of big pharma… mmm.

Continued here.


Just at the end of a 40 minute meditation I was just thinking how the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast serves the role of an elder for the early 21st century western neophyte (I hate using words like neophyte due to my belief that often tricky words are a way of expressing how much of a douche you are). Anyway, neophytes, in that the conversation is spiritually nourishing with it’s lessons of guests, very often over 40 years old,  who tell stories about whatever, embedded with their own life lessons and methods of becoming efficient in one skill or another… That’s why it’s my favourite podcast.


While walking my bike home after getting a flat in the last 10% of my Aerobic HR zone ride; I was just wondering…
Does conscious exploration create novelty, but then I thought well more connectedly more likely it’s a case of accessing the akashic field or collective unconscious..

Film Review: American Ultra

I watched this movie despite it’s not so great IMDB rating due to I mean what’s not to love about a clandestine thriller movie? Even worse on rotten tomatoes; 43%! wow. I give it 5 stars. It has everything I love in a good clandestine op’s film. Eh…

I especially like the casual almost humorous casting of the Lead and the lead Spy boss guy, I think the human aspect in that regard is cool, and not trying to create some scary bad guy or whatever.