Bjj Thursday – what is this flow

I had a feeling today would be ok. I meditated for half an hour before heading in; once again, my flow was like never before. I was thinking on the way home; while listening to the risky business podcast talking about exploits, how by challenging myself with the personal story which makes up the dynamic expression of my life; by having a challenge in balance; I find almost an idea of being behind the curtain; thats a very rare perspective.

=QMChap2_Page_02_Image_0001As I swept one of the guys and took mount, I said ‘this is weird’, how I was able to have patience and simply walk through open doors. This confusing dynamic makes up the observations I have been having during meditation; which is actually really fun. I noted today during meditation that there wasn’t a moment of “AAgghh boring cmon lets get on with it; what’s next.”

Perhaps the Primal diet is to thank for this cortisol/adrenal/thyroid balance. I’m not sure; I certainly feel the ‘carb crash’ has a causal mood response, so I’m going with it.

I left early, as I don’t want exhaust myself, that would would suck. I’m really hoping for a good shift on Saturday. I’m acting in all the ways I can think to maintain relative balance.

Today I didn’t learn any new moves, just pulled up sweeps from memory and enacted them. Excellent session. No more carbs/protein today, despite hunger.. what fats can I eat?

EDIT: I’m not really that hungry (well if I ate I would definitely trigger it. I think I’m in ketosis!). I feel I should not eat an avocado, but some walnuts and macadamias sound good. That will be over 14 hours of fasting.. 😀


Sometimes, like today, I find I can gather a real sense of comprehensive sovereignty with regard to my perspective through a meditation. This morning – half an hour ago – I was feeling clouded, not that I have seen some strong change. I sat down to meditate, caught myself planning a web server for a cooling fan for a data storage cabinet. Then I remembered Joe Rogan talking about ‘the land of distractions and bullshit’ or something like that. He said it takes him possibly 30 minutes to navigate this thought space in ‘the tank’. GissepeOnce I caught myself here, I allowed myself to feel safe and observe the weeds, glimpse my fears and allow thoughts to flow. I have observed many times since Ayahuasca that my thoughts sometimes take on a flowing sensation, like a vine twisting and moving, I guess if I were to describe it, it would be like a dynamic life like flow of I guess roots may be a good analogy.. but it’s just thoughts. then again everything physical made by physical humans started out as thought.

Ayahuasca Perspectives

One time on Ayahuasca I observed a new perspective. In my isolation my new perspective was that there was an entire world of suffering more than willing to have me as part of it.

“Don’t believe what you think” Something Tim said in January 2015. New perspectives are just that, they are new perspectives which you can’t see in that it is a perspective on the same thing; that thing being the present moment. It is a perspective on the present moment that you are not aware of. In that sense it is analogous to an ego death.


What we are seeing with the proliferation of technology is that specialisation is losing its necessity. This came to me in the hardware sense but it also applies obviously in the information sense.. advanced hardware computer technology is very easily available to laymen. To me this points towards a more abundant reality, where integrity is more taken for granted. Where integral communication forms a basis for more connected interpersonal relatedness

Mobile phone wireless tech

Was just thinking randomly about how many wireless transceivers my phone has.. there’s a lot

  • Cellular (several bands)
  • Wifi (2.4 and 5Ghz)
  • Bluetooth, including Bluetooth LE
  • NFC
  • GPS receiver
  • Ant+ receiver

That’s 6 RF radios, as well as infrared…

Also I might get a wireless changing thingo for inductive charging.. That’s another!

Although the only point of interest as far as health would be the radiated power.. people seem to get all hung-up about wifi, when cellular is a much more powerful signal.. A cellular signal has to travel all the way to the nearest phone tower, where as wifi might have 30-50m range tops.. From memory a cell radio in a phone may have 1-4W of power, where as wifi is maybe up to 200mW tops… 200 would be surprising. so likely more than an order of magnitude difference between wifi and cellular. People don’t seem to realise that. Although that being said, wifi is possibly used more frequently. I’m thinking I should disable cellular while I’m sleeping.

drug prohibition

-just found this dated 25 Sep  14
Imagine if all the packaging companies lobbied for knife prohibition to protect preprepared food packaging profits. Parents would spout ideology like “knives are bad” or “just say no to knives” and all the ‘hippie conspiracy theorists’ would talk about the problems with ‘big packaging’