BJJ Monday

Really cool stuff. Defending the standing guard pass. feet to butt is the basic principle for closed guard pressure. On their second step of their standing guard pass, pull them down. Or, after their first step, put all your weight through their opposite hip to prevent the second step. You can cup their elbow which […]

Proj. Camelot: PATRICIA CORI

From here: ” …Twenty years since she first re- connected and attuned to a group of extra-dimensional light beings that her readers have come to know as the Sirian High Council, this collective returns, through Patricia’s dedicated process as their Scribe, with new revelations that affirm the veracity of earlier prophecies, while transmitting new visions […]

New Franco: Accessing The Next Level Of Release

“This Tuesday August 8th, Franco & I will be hosting another preview call with Sifu James to talk about what you can expect from our upcoming retreat – August 25th to 27th  Accessing The Next Level Of Release, Getting Past Our Human Programs  They will touch on some of the challenges a lot of us face and explore why it’s so important at this time […]