One Radio Network podcast- blood sugar control, thyroid

Re: blood sugar control, thyroid

In searching the One Radio Network page regarding sugar, this podcast came up: [Dr Lane Seebring MD takes your calls – blood sugar control, thyroid, breast cancer. 09-05-09] MP3 Link.

Patrick is talking about how dietitians are educated on the high carb SAD (standard american diet) which he believes makes people sick. Well yeah, this is the message I’ve been getting from my research this year. Also the guest mentions that his brother getting diabetes was a gift in that it made him pay attention to what he’s eating, very similar to my view on my own sugar sensitivity…

Podcast re Chromium and Vanadium – Tony Pantalleresco Pt. 2

part 2 of the aforementioned podcast  – (Part 2 Mp3 Link).

In part 2 they talk about Chromium and Vanadium which I had heard Dr Wallach talk about in a video, which I need to re-watch (regarding joint health, as well as his mentions of Chromium, Lithium and Vanadium).

  • Chromium: Tony mentioned that chromium has been used in body building for insulin regulation, this sounds promising.
  • Lithium: Also good for insulin regulation apparently.
  • Vanadium: this was a fad in the 90s, Tony believed that vanadium was actually shown to be toxic during that time (explains why I can’t find it on local chemist websites).

My issue is one of sugar sensitivity, where for example I just had 3/4 of an orange after eating the last 1/3 of my breakfast omelette (breaking it into small meals for the sake of helping digestion re. this whole thing). Less than a minute after eating the orange I have neurological symptoms of brain fog, this concisely describes the current sugar sensitivity I’m having.

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New batches of Bravo – Success

After my last batch of Bravo yoghurt failing completely due to over heating, I’ve made a new batch, and then used that new batch to create a second generation. I measured the temp inside the yoghurt maker at up to 46C at the end of the batch, although the yoghurt looks good (gooood) so I’m really happy with this.

I bought a new pyrex pourer which makes mixing in the powders really easy using the smaller pyrex pourer I bought.

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Using my new yoghurt maker

So last Friday was as interesting experience in regard to this whole sugar sensitivity situation I’ve been dealing with for basically this whole year. I’ve been thinking about the interplay between psychological and physiological factors, I think it’s both, perhaps I have psychologically conditioned myself to identify with the toxic feelings associated with this sugar/gluten/caffeine sensitivity. Regardless of the interplay operations, the end result I’m taking away is to be aware of when anxiety presents itself, catching it and breathing deeply. Being aware of the feeling in my guy as well as chest my tightening, I can just take a deep breath. This boost of oxygen to my blood is profound.

So on Friday I missed a shift due to feeling really crappy, this was brought on… by eating too much sweet potato… would have been interesting to meditate on Friday and see if coercing deep breathing could have changed my awareness. None the less, Saturday I was feeling crappy due to missing my shift, being anxious about how to avoid a reaction for my Sunday shift, as well as ruining a 1L yogurt batch.

Sunday went fine, after tiny pedantically measured batches of food hourly to avoid an insulin spike.

Yogurt Maker

I bought a yoghurt maker for $10 in great condition. It has one setting, heat up to 42 degrees C, which is great, just under the max mentioned in part 6 of the FAQ here. This is quite a bit simpler than the PID controller solution I was literally looking at building. I think using for a solution is just common sense aka good engineering.

I made a practice batch with this recipe, only using inoculated raw milk and a small amount of the organic yogurt I had in the fridge.. After 11 hours in the yogurt maker, I have great tasting yogurt, which tastes basically the same as the yogurt I put in. great!

So I’ve done 3 batches of Dr Daniels protocol, last Thursday, Saturday then Monday.

Either way I’ve been having more liberal normal sized meals and felt a sense of normality in my hunger levels, something somewhat foreign. So not feeling constantly hungry is good. Now perhaps I can use hunger to guide my primal meal choices. This is a good feeling, the option of adding in various supplements/ozone steam saunas/exercise and building up my immune system is something I look forward to. I have had flashes of this feeling going back however many months; it’s good to feel a more holistic depth of understanding here.

Starting the final step of Dr Daniels Candida protocol

After starting Dr Daniels Candida protocol around a week and a half ago, I’ve moved to the final step of this protocol.

I listened to another podcast with Dr Daniels where turpentine was mentioned, also Patrick asked about using Castor oil, which is kinda synchronistic since I was planning to do that anyway (haven’t been able to get my bowels moving three times a day in a bit over a week of vegetarian diet). I completed my first dosage, felt not too great for the next few hours, having many bowel movements. Around 5 hours after the dosage I started to feel good, conversational and fine – even jittery. Fast forward a day and still feeling good. We’ll see how this goes moving forward.. I’ve been super excited about several protocols which weren’t totally successful this year, so I’ll just have to see how I’m going in a couple weeks.. 🙂

Candida – Dr. Jennifer Daniels

I found this page from listening to a podcast on One Radio Network. Reading this very well written, concise and easy to follow pdf has brought up… yet another intervention. I’d heard about turpentine around 6 months ago as one of the original methods to deal with parasites, but decided to skip it keeping in mind my alcohol sensitivity (not even sure if terps is an alcohol). This PDF has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for turpentine after reading the intro:

"Your body completes the digestion process in the small intestines and this is where nutrients are absorbed. The candida spreads itself across the surface of the small intestines and intercepts the nutrients for its own use. Many nutrients that are not absorbed by the candida remain unavailable to your body due to the barrier that the layer of candida creates. This causes fatigue as your body expends all the energy of digestion and gets none of the benefit."

Can relate… Constant hunger, compromised immune function, tiredness, especially after food, sugar sensitivity (+ gluten, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity).

On the alternative nature of turpentine, one of the first things I did to learn about my gut health was seek blood tests from a doctor. The young Doc I spoke wasn’t super happy about my attempt to understand my health for myself, saying something like “Carbohydrates are sugars, if you remember your biology class” I get it, I don’t want to challenge the ego of this new Doc, despite him having to ring another doc to ask what to do relating to sugar sensitivity.

So now were back where I was maybe 6 months ago.. looking into Turpentine – the pure gum stuff available at the local hardware store, definitely not available at health food stores. Fun fact, apparently Turpentine used to be in medical literature (this is talked about in Dr Daniels PDF, also wiki link)..

Starting the protocol today meant no meat. I’m actually pretty pleased with the food I prepared, never really used leek or squash before.. I worked out nutritional intake just to know where I’m at, since hunger isn’t a good gauge..


Stephen Heuer (Bravo Yogurt guy) on Fasting

Hour 2 of this podcast (August-15-2016) talks about fasting and its benefits for periods up to 40 days. So I’m wanting to do a day a week fast or something like that.

Also in this episode (Sep 6) Atom Bergstrom talks about how before a fast easily digestible foods should be consumed in order to avoid twisting in the intestines.

Stephen Heuer on Bravo Yogurt


In this episode around 12 minutes in Stephen says a 10 day juice cleanse can be one of the best things you can do to clean out your intestines. This is something to look into! He mentions doing it with herbs to help the process along. I’d love a written protocol by him of how to do this!

Mp3 Link – stephen heuer on your health and healing, april 18, 2016, hour one

They mention a book Tissue Cleaning Through Bowel Management. I found several versions on amazon. Comments such as this one make me want to look further into which method to look into this, although like all the reviews for the several books gave 5 stars and sprayings of words like hallelujah.. so I guess just reading one will be a great start, especially since gut health is seemingly my biggest area of focus at the moment.. I’m going to order this one paperback as well as go through the kindle sample I downloaded.


Around half an hour in they talk about Bravo yogurt and the tone they describe this stuff makes me really glad my 3 packets arrived yesterday. Bravo is available from Stephen here.

I’m also going back over this (july 18, 2016) episode to get a really good idea about how to prepare the yoghurt. Around 38 Minutes into Part 2 of the July 18 episode Stephen mentions yoghurt can be remade after the first batch (only took me a day to find this section).

The recommended dosage is: “Adults with gut issues, or chronic health issues such as cancer or chronic fatigue start at 5 ml per day [a teaspoon] increasing by 5ml per day up to 100ml per day. ” – from Stephens Bravo page.

Also on making more batches, “1 quart (1 L) of yoghurt, add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Colostrum to a new batch (using some of the previous batch). This is fine for doing batches for a couple months (the yoghurt lasts 2 weeks).”