New Franco: Accessing The Next Level Of Release

“This Tuesday August 8th, Franco & I will be hosting another preview call with Sifu James to talk about what you can expect from our upcoming retreat – August 25th to 27th  Accessing The Next Level Of Release, Getting Past Our Human Programs 
They will touch on some of the challenges a lot of us face and explore why it’s so important at this time to be able to release and get past our programs! Sifu James will also be doing an energy transmission for all who are on the call!
Title: Accessing the Next Level of Release Preview Call
Date & Time: Tuesday, August 8th at 9:00 PM Eastern 

Franco: Accessing Our True/Higher Self, How it Works

Here are some of the topics Franco will cover:
  • Tapping into the multiple resources we have available to us
  • The different levels of connection and access points
  • How the Chakra System plays a role
  • Our connection to our Twin Soul, Soul family and other Souls on this and other planets
  • Utilizing our Human to Human connection
  • Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal & Source Consciousness access​​​​​​​
Franco will share his own insights about our Higher Self to get a better understanding as to how it all works and how it serves in a big way.

Trusting Our Innate Abilities

Title: Trusting Our Innate Abilities 
Date & Time: Tuesday, May 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern
We often second guess ourselves, disregard our inner promptings or
are paralyzed with indecision, while another part of us knows we should be taking action steps and moving forward!
Tomorrow night we will discuss some of these challenges and why they exist.
Be part of the discussion and submit your questions by clicking the “Webcast Event Page” link below, then click on the box that says Q&A and write in your question.

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New Franco Webcast

Flowing with neutrality – preparing for the next phase for humanity and the planet – November 16-17

Flowing with Neutrality – New Phase – Part 1
Part 1: Neutrality
Part 2: Next Phase

November 17, 2016
Flowing with Neutrality – New Phase – Part 2
Part 1: Flowing with neutrality
Part 2: Follow your breath and quiet the mind meditation
Part 3: Open Q&A
Part 4: Continued Q&A
Part 5: Flowing with Neutrality Activation

Clearing old belief systems with Franco Denicola

___7574235This call is a preview call for a recent “Clearing, Restoring & Renewal Retreat” It goes over a method for clearing old belief systems. I’ve gone over the process today and found it very useful to help clarify issues surrounding guilt and shame. Just going to write out a summary in the form of a spoken meditative monologue to remind myself of.

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Podcast Feed: Franco Denicola

I discovered I can create a podcast feed automatically from WordPress, So I set up a feed for the latest Franco Denicola Appearances…
The link for the feed is here:

I can add this feed to any podcast app and whenever I create a blog post with the mp3 linked, my podcast app will automatically download that episode!! Yew!