Adronis – channelled by Brad Johnson

Around 50 mins in hour 2 of this episode:

So the whole idea in that sense is that they are shall we say still scrambling feeling that this blueprint is going to help them in being able to maintain their empire and basically they’re attempting to get to this point of saying;

“What if we try and create a hoax alien invasion?”

No that will fail,

“What if we attempt to create nuclear war?”

No, not only will that fail but we will invite ourselves in to your planet and we will make ourselves known so basically they are still scrambling…

Dr Rowen on vaccines

Dr Rowen:

Former Merck (Pharma Giant) Salesman Tells you Why He Chose NOT to Vaccinate his Son, and This was in 1990-1991.

“If you believe what you are told by the AMA and the CDC and your doctor, you’re not doing enough research.” These words were spoken by former Merck salesman Scott Cooper.

He strongly believed in vaccines, then did his own research, and changed his mind. His wife was pro-vaccine. While she was pregnant (1990), he dug up medical research in the libraries, and returned with boxes full of materials that were against vaccines, far more with negative information on vaccines than pro-vaccine. She ultimately changed her mind in tears. This was 1990! 
Mr. Cooper held true to his newfound knowledge and did not vaccinate his son, who he states grew up very healthy. Cooper admits that the Merck attorneys admitted, while he was employed there, that bulk of Merck’s lawsuits at the time were vaccine related. He implores you to do your own research.