Wildatarian Diet podcast notes

After finding this podcast with Teri Cochrane . I’ve decided to take a deeper dive into the topics discussed, especially since noticing the efficacy of removing sulfur based foods. These are my notes, which are basically my version of the notes on the podcast page. I am refining this understanding further into concepts here, but chronologically these are my podcast notes:

  • The episode starts by talking about The premise of this diet is amyloids, which are evidently truncated proteins found in conventionally farmed animals.
  • They are indigestible and hence have deleterious effects on the body. The guest, Teri Cochrane, says they re-awaken viruses, by feeding the viral load in the body.
  • She refers to these viruses as puppet-mastering health conditions such as Hashimoto’s.
  • Ben mentions polyphenols being able to reduce amyloids.
  • Amyloids strictures make biofilm.
  • Teri explains her diet as using genetics as the foundation, to understand why certain genes are tripped.
  • CBS gene: Sulfation pathway mechanisms (sulfur processing)
  • Oxilate metabolism gene: suox gene or CBS gene
  • MTHFR gene. Teri says the c677t gene affects bile salt production, making people – less efficient in breaking down fats.
  • Fat metabolism genes proclude the Keto diet
  • Nutrigenomics: How food influences genes
  • Mentioned: bh4 suox

I have done some searching on the things mentioned here, which has lead me to this webpage, looks like there’s a bunch to… digest… here

  • Roundup: deleterious to sulfur metabolism (sulfur -> sulphate).
    Sulphate is needed for collagen matrix structure, tendons, gut health, mental health.
  • Sulfur Foods: Garlic, Egg yolk, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Killer Kale (also oxalates properties).
  • Impaired sulfur metabolism causes leaky gut and chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, RA (arthritis).
  • We no longer make the bacteria to break down oxalates. Oxalates are in really healthy foods such as spinach, almonds, black beans, coconut.
  • Candida increases Oxalaic acid, hence causing more issues.
  • CBS Gene: homocystine metabolism. Watch intake of folic acid, folate. Prioritize Methyl-tetra-hydro-folate.
  • Limit sulfur groups (as well as glyphosphate duh).
  • Really helps CBS Gene: B6 in the form of P5P, helps upregulate that polymorphism. (possibly contraindicated by the linked webpage above..)
  • Beware Sulfur based supplements: Glutathione, anacytlycystine, NAC, ALA
  • Heal the Gut first, eating foods that dont contain mycotoxin
  • 8% of our DNS is viral
  • corn, peas, peanuts: bad.
  • cilantro: liver detoxifier
  • Peanut butter: devil on steroids: afflotoxin, carcinogenic
  • No Black beans: Oxilates
  • Pressure cooking beans breaks down indigestible skin, lectins. ACV and green Capsicum, sea salt, pepper.
  • The podcast goes on to talk about Ballerina syndrome, relating to impaired fat metabolism.. Not something I’m currently concerned about..