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..really just Alternative Health…

For me the gift in not finding solutions in traditional Allopathic Health is that I had to do my own research (how taboo). This has lead me to a labyrinth of rabbit holes, some containing profound new information.

Best resources

ATP Podcast.

I learned about these guys by searching for salt in the iTunes podcast engine. Not disappointed in the slightest. When your source of information starts talking about the limitations of the TGA and other arguments by appeal to authority… you know you’re on the right track…

Mark Sisson.

His website is super vast in its exploration of health modalities. Learned of him from his appearance on JRE. Speaking of JRE… also

Ben Greenfield

Good source of info..

Jack Kruse

-First found Jack Kruse (practicing Neurosurgeon) after finally going to the effort of finding a podcast featuring him. This one is great and has changed the way I view artificial light after dark, as an example of the many areas he goes into.


Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology is a sub-field or “school” of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.”- Wikipedia

Stan and Cristina Grof’s work has been some of the most profound material I’ve ever come across. I would say Stan Grof is a hero of mine and the extended cartography of the human experience which Stan has written extensively about has made sense of an otherwise very confusing gestalt of experiences.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy

MAPS has opened new doors of possibility in this field, some work includes MDMA assisted psychotherapy for treatment resistant PTSD which has proven very effective in research conducted with military Vets and other professions which can fall upon psychological trauma.

Immune/digestive health

I’ve been learning a lot about the treatment of parasites and Candida.


This Donne Yance Herbalist podcast is a good overview of why I increasingly focus on the alt in alt health. People like Dr Robert Rowen have very good info also. Dr Burzynski is required watching re cancer.

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