Alt health: Parasite research.

After having digestive problems for long enough for it to become accepted as normal, I decided to get a test for parasites. After exhausting mainstream options, this really started a whole branching series of rabbit holes into alternative health.

My mainstream prescription of two antibiotics I am informed caused an imbalance in gut biome, resulting in a pronounced Candida overgrowth. As talked about here with Dr Daniels;

"Your body completes the digestion process in the small intestines and this is where nutrients are absorbed. The candida spreads itself across the surface of the small intestines and intercepts the nutrients for its own use. Many nutrients that are not absorbed by the candida remain unavailable to your body due to the barrier that the layer of candida creates. This causes fatigue as your body expends all the energy of digestion and gets none of the benefit."

The protocol detailed by Dr Daniels seems to cover parasites as well as candida, so thats great. Before starting Dr Daniels protocol, I’d spent over 6 months on various protocols in an attempt to solve the issues mentioned in the quote above.

Chronologically my research into this stuff on my blog would fall under the health category – more specifically parasite posts.

What scale of intervention is required here?
What scale of intervention is required here?

I have felt like I am covering a broad range of protocols in this journey, if I were Dr Evil, taking on this parasite issue, by now I’d probably have ‘Armed The Laser‘…

Primal Diet/lifestyle

After trying anti-biotics for parasites as well as the natural remedies I initially found (including an MMS protocol) I was willing to try the primal diet (no grains/legumes). Coupled with already avoiding processed sugar to the extent which I could. This has been ~moderately~ successful. I have reduced training in an effort to avoid taking resources from my immune system, this may need to change, I have noticeably lost aerobic fitness as well as muscle tone. I also tried a prescription of nystatin which evidently wasn’t totally successful.

Oddly during meditations, despite the often success of a half hour meditation, I have had imagery/ a feeling of purging, somewhat analogous to aya, a feeling of impending purge, like a mould/grossness. I’m not super over the moon about this.

Hulda Clark

There seems to be quite a following here in regard to various ‘cleanses’ as well as a Zapper device. I immediately discounted the zapper although various internet testimonials convinced me to try this thing.
I have heard mixed reviews of the cleanses, would be great to see some kind of thorough analysis of results of these methods. This will be the first cleanse I try. My current perception is that I need to aware of possible ‘die-off’ or the removal of various waste products during this process – I don’t want any ‘toxins’ floating around my various organs/blood.
Which is actually a good segway to this podcast I found. It has been useful to hear from Dr Clark herself. A clearer picture is emerging, and I’m super glad to hear collaboration regarding ozone.

Kalcker Protocol

This is another protocol which seems interesting in regard to it’s method. It includes a bunch of things to take to facilitate the parasite removal process. It’s also includes enemas which is a whole different area of information. Dr Kalcker seems pretty interesting. His protocol doesn’t connect directly with Dr Clark or ozone. Dr Kalcker confirmed some questions I had about the protocol, as well as recommending MMS over ozone for water treatment. This protocol was quite intensive and I just finished month 3 (in time for Dr Daniels)


So I got an ‘implant’o’rama’ enema device. The Kalcker protocol includes using MMS for enemas daily, although the person who makes the implant’o’rama sent me an email saying Ozone is better than MMS. Initially this was a real let down to hear, I was frustrated to hear MMS talked down after hearing such good things in 2 separate podcasts. One of the podcasts I listened to mentioned that if this ‘rope worm’ parasite is killed by whatever means it may possibly cause bleeding requiring an enema of ‘dead water’ (treated with electrolysis) to stop the bleeding. Although I’ve heard a couple times ozone can stop bleeding.


This seems pretty interesting;

So ozone has really got my attention. I converted the text in this page to rtf (for best compatibility) and emailed it to my kindle. A very interesting and very well researched read. It looks as though this may be beneficial (possibly to say the least). Also, Dr Rowen is a well respected and successful user of Ozone.

I’ve created a page just for ozone.


Apparently intermittent fasting is a good way to knock out a parasite, as well as being good for health. I fasted a day last week, the end of the ~22 hours was kinda challenging! I noted I don’t recall ever going that long without food.


I talk about Turpentine here. Interestingly Turpentine was one of the first protocols I found, but decided against it due to my sensitivity to alcohol (don’t think sure pre gum turpentine is alcohol anyway). By the time I found Dr Daniels protocol, I was over 6 months into a primal diet, as well as doing 1 Liver cleanse, so probably in a good place for the required fast bowel movements of this very well written protocol.