Coffee addiction may now return + More Parasite research

So for around a week I’ve allowed myself to have coffee again, and haven’t experienced any negative mood results immediately after. I’m putting this down to the couple 1.5 months I’ve had of at least half a teaspoon of genuine Himalayan sea salt twice a day – as recommended as a remedy for adrenal fatigue. […]

Procrastination + starting parasite research

Firstly, procrastination.. With that out of the way, and more importantly, I’m still weighing my food to stick with the primal diet. It’s brought up several times on this episode of JRE.  I’m all for sticking with this whole Primal movement. Listening to the Primal podcast is motivating me towards a specific lifestyle, although one […]

Bjj Thursday

Good day for some standing guillotines. I grab the back of their head with my right arm, in order to break their posture down. I control their right arm with my left, grabbing their arm around where their elbow is, controlling it back. I posture the top of my head into their neck, as to […]

Bjj Tuesday

Heel hooks.. While sitting, I want their right leg over my left. I will put my right foot under their right thigh, and my left foot on their left leg, not crossing the top of their leg. I will pinch my legs together to hold them, and push them away to have their ankle where […]