Ozone insufflation

I think this may be the answer to my chronic fatigue and similar brain fog/moodiness etc..

Ozonated water enema, followed by ozone insufflation.

Adding an ozone insufflation might be best before bed, as this has brought back a bunch of fatigue and similar sympsoms, as opposed to the enema, which energises me and makes me feel better.. Specifically, doing the insufflation early afternoon one day:

I have had images in my mind of a bunch of gross bugs being exposed from under their shelter, kinda like a heat shield on an exhaust pipe… (Visual imagery isn’t very common for me) The heat shield really doesn’t want to come off, but under it is teeming with gross bugs. I had the image of a snake like thing wrapped around some device inside an engine compartment being removed… Similar nondescript large worm like images poking out of tubes. Feeling kinda blocked and gross..

Notably, with the enemas I have been doing, all kinds of slime and worm like sheaths are coming out… Every time..

I will keep this modality up daily before bed.. we’ll see how it goes.. the fatigue, brain fog and discomfort after the insufflation isn’t really pleasant.. but these are familiar feelings regardless..

Have meditated and gone for a couple light jogs to try clear my mind.. Kinda feels like being in the middle of a mess during the process of cleaning up.. also have been watching latest Franco Denicola workshop the last couple days, so that likely is a little idiosyncratic..

Bowel health

Not a pretty topic, but was just recently having some issues with… smelly farts.. probably due to eating a bunch of junk food.
I did an ozonated water enema, and yea a bunch of gross, probably anaerobic, stuff came out. Go Ozone
Back to non processed food for me, including a diet of mainly veggies.

I will add that simply having a water enema (I’m sure ozonated water would help) seemingly has had an immediate positive effect on fatigue.. I guess a bunch of the bad actors causing issues reside in the bowel..

I waited till after the new moon (yes really) as recommended for this:

Gallbladder and Liver Flush

Just completed a Liver Flush this morning. Feeling more energetic and a sense of vibrancy this afternoon. Definitely a fan of this method. Reading YouTube comments from the below video, seems many are also having great results, including from acne. Initially after breakfast this morning I was actually really tired.. makes sense I guess.. Also I almost felt like vomiting after drinking the concoction last night.. much better after passing a bunch of ‘stones’ this morning

Ben Greenfield podcast: The Wildatarian Diet

Just stumbled onto this podcast, possibly one of the most important podcasts I’ve ever found for myself, covering

  • Sulfur metabolism ( I believe the liver is largely involved, which in Chinese medicine is related to anger…)
  • specifically why conventional animal farming methods are harmful to our health, as well as covering Glyphosate

Sulfur metabolism is something I don’t remember reading about in the Primal Blueprint, sure as hell have never heard it mentioned by an allopathic doc (in fact when I brought up histamine, an allopathic doc asked if I’d been speaking with a naturopath… classic). An integrative doc did test histamine and proceeded to diagnose undermethylation… but didn’t mention sulfur in the diet and the magnitude of it’s detriment…
I’m diving deeper into this podcast with these notes I’ve created – which I have further refined into specific concepts here.

Parasites… again

The parasite thing is interesting, because it’s so easy for me to be like ‘oh it’s all in my head’ and stop a protocol that may be working. After my recent success with ‘the zapper’ I even had a dream where – gross warning – I had a scab come off my knee and all this air came out, followed by these tiny black dots.. Then I saw a thin worm in my toe.. still in my body.. So that’s interesting! I had a couple days of feeling really good, although yesterday symptoms of hypoglycemia came back to an extent.

It’s interesting that I can rationalise this as being ‘in my head’ vs a physiological thing. This whole thing does tie into the power of belief and how powerful that is. For example if I eat gluten, I can be totally fine, although there have been times at work where I’ve eaten something with gluten and it has messed me up badly, after I’ve had fear about the possibility that I will have a reaction.. weird..!

I often eat a large amount of food, I guess a symptom of having a parasite/candida over growth etc is the feeling of never being full, and always needing to eat. The feeling of crashing an hour after eating is another annoying symptom.. With all this I stay quite lean.. although I do avoid refined carbs basically entirely.

This ties into a podcast I just started listening to: The ATP Project
Episode 172 – An Interview with Ken Ware – Neurophysics Therapy

Ampcoil PEMF -> Hulda Clarke

Listened to an episode of the life stylist podcast talking about about the Ampcoil (basically a high powered PEMF device), and was really impressed. Then, after more reading I feel it’s kinda disingenuous to talk all this ‘our goal is to get the product out to people’ crap, but then charge $10k for the unit. The product is very much marketing driven, not to say it is bunk at all, just stupid expensive. I would have been able to deal with 1 or 2k.. but they are really tuning into the medical paradigm pricing model.. As much as I like the tech, I think I could find something comparable for a reasonable price.

They mentioned Hulda Clarke in that episode, which motivated me to get out my zapper, a device of hers I’d lost faith in quite a while ago. Interesting considering my previous post on the device 2 years ago…

A day or two after using the device for 10 minutes I feel like I passed a parasite.. hmmm.. may be a coincidence/related to gutright.. regardless, I feel pretty clear headed and good at the moment… We’ll see how we go with that.. I think I’ll use it in my meditations daily. Also..! Todays meditation with the device brought up feelings of a parasite below the surface, being brought into awareness.. very interesting to feel that, a kinda sickly feeling I’m going to keep engaging with.. Similar to drinking Oje in the jungle as a parasite purgative…

Nutritional Deficiencies – Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

Reading Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, something I’ve been meaning to checkout since watching one of Dr Wallaches lectures on the internet. He reiterates how diseases are very often caused by nutritional deficiencies – that seems to be the point of his book so far. Something I’ve basically come to find, tying into the health doctrine I have for myself which is basically: eat real food. I supplement with many things, essential minerals and adaptogens. I get my carbs from Bananas mainly, although I’ll be adding potatoes back into the mix soon. The bulk of my energy comes from animal protein.. supplemented with salads, fruits and nuts. My diet is basically

6 eggs for breakfast in an omelette with sauted spinach/mushrooms. I’ve been leaving out garlic and onions lately due to the liver loading chelating effect they have – which I attribute some feelings of anger to (the rabbit hole is always there…) Two tangents: The Zapper and heavy metals. The zapper will be my next post, heavy metals ties back to the Wilking Protocol I’m sorta following at the moment.. leaving some potato on a nonstick pan with coconut oil on low heat makes a pretty awesome omelette as well.

I’ll have my supplements after that: Magnesium taurate 400mg, zinc and selenium. I’ve been adding chromium in lately aswell. I’ll have some Lysine if I have coldsore symptoms. Usually I’ll add in some ginseng caps as well.

Before breakfast a glass of spring water with a juiced lemon goes well to activate the vegas nerve (preparation for digestion). I’ll often add rhodiola/ashwaganda tincture into that too. (The Vegas nerve thing I got from an ATP podcast episode, probably a gutright episode)

I will likely soon look into getting some mineral/vitamin levels tested, here is ‘a’ list of some recommendations..