Just at the end of a 40 minute meditation I was just thinking how the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast serves the role of an elder for the early 21st century western neophyte (I hate using words like neophyte due to my belief that often tricky words are a way of expressing how much of a douche you are). Anyway, neophytes, in that the conversation is spiritually nourishing with it’s lessons of guests, very often over 40 years old,  who tell stories about whatever, embedded with their own life lessons and methods of becoming efficient in one skill or another… That’s why it’s my favourite podcast.

New Podcast: The Amp Hour

Just found out that Dave from EEVBlog has a podcast, The Amp hour, so that’s gone onto my podcast app (podcast addict).

It will join my other tech podcasts, Security Now, and Risky Business.. Along with dear leader Joe Rogans podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, and the primal Blueprint podcast. Also.. my audio podcasts, Group therapy, and others I sometimes listen to, Anjuna deep, a state of trance, Tiestos club life, Future sound of Egypt with Ali & Fila and Unity Radio with Orkidea..

This explains why I just ordered a 64GB SD card for my phone… Also Podcast Addict is great as it allows pretty fine grain control over downloading new podcasts and deleting old ones..


While walking my bike home after getting a flat in the last 10% of my Aerobic HR zone ride; I was just wondering…
Does conscious exploration create novelty, but then I thought well more connectedly more likely it’s a case of accessing the akashic field or collective unconscious..

Film Review: American Ultra

I watched this movie despite it’s not so great IMDB rating due to I mean what’s not to love about a clandestine thriller movie? Even worse on rotten tomatoes; 43%! wow. I give it 5 stars. It has everything I love in a good clandestine op’s film. Eh…

I especially like the casual almost humorous casting of the Lead and the lead Spy boss guy, I think the human aspect in that regard is cool, and not trying to create some scary bad guy or whatever.

Sony XDR-C1DBP Clock Radio

I’m on my 4th Clock Radio for the year. This one is good.

  • First one cost $20 and had an analog FM tuner which couldn’t hold a station.
  • Second one was from Phillips, cost $50 and was good, except that it wasn’t dimmable so I couldn’t sleep facing it.
  • Third one Cost $70 and had DAB digital radio, this was the reason I bought it.. nice little thing, except that when I had it on low volume every now and then it would get these loud interference noises, so now it has to go back…
  • My fourth one is pretty expensive,20160406_110214 I only went this far ($150) due to the others sucking…

This one has 2 ferrite chokes on the power cable so that validates the reason I chose a Sony..

It isn’t exactly loud, compared to it’s side-table companion SRS-X3 also Sony Bluetooth speaker, but I guess they engineered it do do a job. I’d say the speaker is spec’d to the quality of digital radio – which really isn’t great in my experience (64kbps…?). Although the real quality is what’s coming out of it, the digital radio stations are bringing all this nostalgia back with the 90’s channel.. bit of a gift 🙂 and the reason I bought it, the chill out stations

Night cap

imageAs mentioned in a previous podcast I listened to I’m taking salt to help with adrenal fatigue.. Apparently a good dose is half a teaspoon once or twice a day.. Mmk. Also I let my garlic sit for 5 minutes before eating it (with nuts) as mentioned by Rhonda Patrick on JRE.
Today was awesome. Didn’t train, yesterdays training wasn’t great (well it was awesome compared to a bad session), but meditation and diet has really been working for me (in a 10 steps back, 30 steps forward kind of way), getting past noise and thoughts into visual imagery.ctrp_0403_06_z+spark_plug_tuning_guide I had the image of a couple of electrodes heavily covered with some hard build-up, this is the closest image I could find -> but the idea is that it’s interesting that something like this comes up, kind of like some sensor isn’t working due to a build-up of crap. I actually look forward to sitting down for half an hour and doing some clearing work… I think diet really paves the way for this.

Bjj Thursday

Went over the sweep from guard again, but added a nice touch; if they post what to do. Also a better set-up for the sweep.

  1. I have them in my guard. I will control their left arm, so grab it with my right arm. I put two arms onto their arm and push it to their belly. I’ll pull their elbow towards me with my left arm. Then I’ll smear my right arm across theirs and grab behind their right arm with my right. Smearing to prevent their hand from escaping, and holding their hand down with my elbow. I’ll then raise my hips. Drop them down while I drag their arm over to my right.
  2. In the same movement, I’ll grab an underhook with my left arm, I can lock my hands together now in a gable grip. If I shift my arms up their body, I can make the grip above their shoulder, weakening their left arm.
  3. Now I want to shift my position so that I can prepare my right leg to sweep them over, moving myself under them and making space to my left, for them to fall into.
  4. I can grab a deep hook on their right leg with my right arm, while holding a strong underhook with my left hand in their arm-pit
  1. Now I can sweep them, if this fails, I can move to plan B.
  2. If they post on their right leg, then I will need to switch.
  3. Only if I can’t sweep them, going as far as to almost pull them over my head I will switch.
    I need to block their left arm from posting with my right arm and hook their right leg with my left, switching the sweep and sweeping them the other way.
  4. Done 🙂

I have a sore back, I’m going to up my Stron Bone intake tomorrow… Missed S&C this week -_-