Win 10 is the response to the fact that Microsoft realised Win 7 is basically a mature technology, which greatly threatened their income model. Rather than just give out updates for free, they migrated to an OS with integrated advertising, turning the user into an analytics statistic for continued financial interaction. Why they just don’t change a subscription for updates is the murky misguided frustration with Capitalism.

DHT – Distributed hash table

Basically DHT is a living mesh of neurons able to duplicate information around the globe. This is why I have passion for the not just the internet but connected electronic networks generally. I remember

When I was maybe 7 years old I went into the computer room in the library and discovered the first instance I’d really seen of a computer network; probably the most advanced piece of electronics I’d really laid eyes on growing up.

Podcast Feed: Franco Denicola

I discovered I can create a podcast feed automatically from WordPress, So I set up a feed for the latest Franco Denicola Appearances…
The link for the feed is here:

I can add this feed to any podcast app and whenever I create a blog post with the mp3 linked, my podcast app will automatically download that episode!! Yew!

New Podcast: The Amp Hour

Just found out that Dave from EEVBlog has a podcast, The Amp hour, so that’s gone onto my podcast app (podcast addict).

It will join my other tech podcasts, Security Now, and Risky Business.. Along with dear leader Joe Rogans podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, and the primal Blueprint podcast. Also.. my audio podcasts, Group therapy, and others I sometimes listen to, Anjuna deep, a state of trance, Tiestos club life, Future sound of Egypt with Ali & Fila and Unity Radio with Orkidea..

This explains why I just ordered a 64GB SD card for my phone… Also Podcast Addict is great as it allows pretty fine grain control over downloading new podcasts and deleting old ones..

Pebble watch review

pebbleI’ve had my Pebble watch nearly a week now and have basically got the hang of it. I’d recommend it except that I don’t like people copying me. It seems validly waterproof which I’m happy about, the info I can pull from my phone is really handy. Not perfect, but I can’t really expect my podcast app to have a pebble companion app which allows me to navigate my podcasts – although apparently using ‘tasker’ you can do stuff like that. Having the weather and all my notifications come through is pretty cool. Most of the weather apps I tried were pretty buggy but I’m happy with the one I’m currently using. Also the fact is cost $70 was definitely part of the appeal for me.