Steam sauna

Today, I bought clear bin bags, put a pot of hot water under a chair, on a heating element, and tried to create a steam sauna. It was unsuccessful, and frustrating, so I bought a steam sauna… will be interesting to see how it works for ozone, considering Dr. Saul Pressman has a weekly steam ozone sauna, and he is the guy behind what looks like a pretty ducks guts Ozone Generator.

Health Rabbit hole 2

I saw Jeffrey Slayter at a workshop a few weeks ago and he mentioned that during psychedelic experiences we can open up to different worlds, and in this state we are vulnerable. He said that within this state of open vulnerability outside energies can come in and take up residence. This certainly rang true for me. In my parasite research, I think it’s interesting that I’m not really interested in Dr Rochlitzs work, maybe I feel his presentation was lacking punctual validation of ideas, compared to say the widespread use of ozone. The interesting thing I find is that Dr Rochlitz had a background in physics, he metaphorically connected the unified theory in physics and applied it to disease; calling it “Porphyria.” ehh. So annoying hearing that word used a little too many times per minute. What I find interesting though is how I found that my research has been seeking a holistic approach.. looping back to the point I keep observing re rabbit holes.. seems almost a little holographic. Images of rabbit holes covered in fragments of mirrors. sigh. ¯sub͟͟

My alt. health package arrived!

So this morning a zapper, implant’o’rama and my various herbal remedies arrived.



I have used the Zapper, and followed the original protocol of 3x 7 minutes followed by a 20 min break at 30kHz with copper hand holds, we’ll see how this goes.

I have started the ‘para cleanse’ as well as the digestive aid cleanse. I have started with the afternoon dosage (second of 3 daily doses). There is mention of enemas in the digestive cleanse documentation which is really reassuring to see. More similar protocols from different sources is certainly reassuring.

Currently I am feeling pleasant about this process.