BJJ Monday

Did a 7:30pm BJJ session last night, was really good. I’ll note that Ben Greenfield’s comments about training sooner than 3 hours before sleep messes with deep sleep. Can confirm, finished training after 9pm, under florescent lights (blue light). Feeling like I didn’t get good sleep, which I noticed during the night.. I’ll modify that in the future.. 6pm sessions from now on.

BJJ Notes:

Did a butterfly sweep from guard. So if I have butterfly guard, and the have double unders.. pretty specific, perhaps I could incite this by trying to get double unders on them. Anyway then flatten you out. You can kick your legs forward, and follow with your torso to bring you back up past vertical. Fall back at 45 degrees either side, and kick the opposite leg into their butt, to sweep to mount.

Standing double under-hook defence. When they go for double unders, from over/under, pressure both their arms by using straight arms facing down. With their arm that already has your back, guillotine it, by pulling the blade of your wrist into their upper arm, while extending that guillotine into their opposite armpit, you can push their other arm across your body, so both arms are trapped under that guillotine. Step your hips and chest up against their body.

Stack defence from closed guard.
Overhook one arm of theirs, other arm is a neck tie, cupping the back of their neck. Hold this tight against them. If they go to lift you (for a slam), Simply drop the leg on the overhook side and push back, defeating their attempt to lift you. If you drop the leg on the neck tie side, they can pass your guard. bad.

Last weeks side control transition to a sub (head and arm choke?).
In side control, underhook their far arm. Crawl this hand up, while doing the same with your close arm against their head, to compress their head and arm together to some extent, while also applying chest pressure. With the close arm, grab their far armpit, allowing your far arm to move their far arm so that your head is on the far side of their far arm. Now will need to transition to the other side. Can move up to knee ride. Last night Darren described windshield wiper motion to move from knee ride to the other side. Do this, and then sprawl. Bringing your bicep down on their neck is the sub, basically.

BJJ Monday


Darren came up to me after my second roll specifically and said great rolling, after I rolled with Chris.

pass Z guard.

grab 2 on 1 grip on their arm, grab their wrist and elbow.

Sprawl flattening their knee.

weight through their hip and shin prevents them from re-guarding.

if you’re low you’ll need to climb their body to pass their ankle

hooked ankle , foot to butt and fold your foot over theirs to allow the guard pass

BJJ Tuesday: Gi takedowns – pinch headlock.

Starting with a single neck tie and controlling the other elbow (right hand gripping the lower back of their head, left hand below their bicep, controlling their arm). Drilling them trying to move their right arm inside my left to control my inside elbow. Block that by pressuring my left hand against their belly. If they go outside… grab an underhook, under their right shoulder deep on their upper back. Very important to pressure down on them to avoid them stepping inside my foot and throwing me. Slowly circle back and towards the under-hook side to take them down. Plan B is to step inside their foot, and bump their leg back above the knee to help them fall.

If they aren’t allowing the under-hook; holding the neck tie and their arm, pressure forward. When they pressure back, pull their head down and under my armpit. grab an under-hook with my now free arm, circle back and take-down.

BJJ Thurs: Escape double neck tie

They have a standing double neck tie, the move is to use your shoulder to break one of their wrist holds.

You position your legs so that you can rotate your hips with force away from them, put your hand over their arm on their neck, the other hand in their stomach and kind punch the inside of your elbow up and rotate your shoulder into their arm, while forcefully rotating away. Your feet will be positioned so that you’re standing with hips aligned at the end of the move.

Stand-Up Thursday

First standup session in many moons. Did some basic drills, keeping hands up. Working on dodging or whatever the correct word is. Rotating the hips, moving the head to the outside of the strike, which evidently winds up the rear shoulder for a hook. When throwing the hook towards the head, keep the elbow up as a shield. This is fun to do shadow boxing 🙂

BJJ Monday

Really cool stuff. Defending the standing guard pass. feet to butt is the basic principle for closed guard pressure. On their second step of their standing guard pass, pull them down.

Or, after their first step, put all your weight through their opposite hip to prevent the second step.
You can cup their elbow which will be posting on you, and sweep them by attempting you shift your hips 90 degrees, and swinging the far leg out, as in a pendulum sweep, you can sweep over to mount

Darce from turtle/back control

If you are in turtle and they have an arm over your back in an underhook. You have hands across the chin to prevent chokes. You can lock their arm with your bicep and roll pulling them over your back. This will land in side control. Block their knees with your hands, back your butt into their shoulder, rolling them onto their side. Reach the arm closest them under their chin, and continue rotating your butt around so your around 90 degrees to them. grip the back of their head with your bottom arm. Bring other bicep to the hand on their head and grip the bicep. Squeeze the darce = win.

From the other position, controlling them in turtle, you can rest an arm over their neck, and bring the other arm under their chest to clasp in the gable grip, from here you can maneuver to the darce

Bjj Tuesday

Just a personal rundown of the drills from tonight.

Takedown from over-unders.

Head against their chin and neck, lock hands low on their back. Pull their butt under me with pressure from my shoulder in their chest for the take down. If they stick their butt out then bring my leading foot forward and level change lower in order to be able to get a monkey grip (fingers only).

Get S-mount and transition to an armbar

From mount, post my right arm out above their head. Slide my left hand up onto their left shoulder for the cross face. The cross face will force them to loosen their elbows, allowing me to move up to high mount. Move my right arm from their shoulder to a fist on the ground, from here I can slide my left knee right up above their head. I can control their left arm with my left, pulling up on their left arm, I can put my right hand on their left hip. While holding this controlling position I can slide my right foot above their head to S-mount. If I have their right arm caught under my grip on their left arm, I can make an armbar on their right arm. I can keep my right hand on their hip to make the armbar more effective.

Knee shield sweeps.

I’m in half guard/knee shield. They go for a cross face, I grab their cross facing arm with my same arm, opposite side. I can grab their adjacent ankle with my other hand. From here I can sweep them to either side. Practice this move, hundreds of times.

Bjj Thursday

Good day for some standing guillotines.

I grab the back of their head with my right arm, in order to break their posture down. I control their right arm with my left, grabbing their arm around where their elbow is, controlling it back. I posture the top of my head into their neck, as to avoid a possible bite, as well as pushing them back. When they resist being pushed back, I snap their head down and to the left, under my left arm. My left arm comes up under their chin while I grab my left wrist with my right hand. I posture down to create more base, while lifting my left arm up into their neck. This is the Guillotine 😁.

The defence is, when I am in a Guillotine, with the arm on their body side free, I swing it up and over their body, coming down their back along side their head. I drop my weight onto them through my arm. I block their hip with my other free hand. To avoid them pulling guard. I move my body around theirs, backing away from the side my head is on. This allows me to get a leg behind their leg, and sweep them to the ground. From here I want to dig my shoulder into their neck, putting my weight through the shoulder, with my weight up onto my toes. With the arm which is not cross facing them, I can then peel the guillotine off, and rotate my chest and head up to the sky.