ATP Podcast: Asthma

Went through this podcast and made notes:

Neutrophil: infection type reaction.

tumeric is helpful

Eosinophil: allergic inflamation.

Associated with asthma and ecesema
relates to mast cell degranulation
bioflavanoids/anti allergic herbs are helpful

Histamine is produced by mast cell degranulation, as a responmse to an allergen. Causes blood vessels in the lungs to become leaky to secrete mucous to get rid of the allergen. Causes flushing reactions: itchy nose, roof of mouth itchy.


Perilla frutescens. 90% inhabition of mast cell degranulation. 4-5 leaves per day

bioflavanoids: quercetin, Rutin, luteolin (active in Perilla)

-These stabilise mast cells, lots of mast cell disorders, the solution is to make the mast cells tougher

Antihistamines: dry out the mucosa, which prevents O2 absorbtion, leading to bhroncial constriction. Not a good soltuion and creates reliance.

herb treatment helps educate the immune system to use different strategies to deal with the allergen.

Garlic stimulates the immune system while suppresing allergy

cranberry, cinnamon, pomegranite

Resilliance contains: francinsence, mhyrr, reishi

thyme: “really good antiseptic, very good anti-microbial.” – “If you get in the regular habit of using Thyme, it’ll sterilize a lot of these bad bugs and stop the infection in through the lungs.”

Fruits and vegetables

Vitamin D

Lemongrass ginger

Symptym relief:

Grindelia: beta agonist, like ventolin, makes heart race.

Elecampane: good for flegm in lower lungs


Dairy, grains, gluten, colours

respiratory acidosis: Magnesium and Schisandra

BJJ Monday

No Gi training. sweeps from on top of turtle.

Seatbelt grip, step foot to their rear and fall to the side, allows for rear naked setup. Can continue this roll all the way over to an arm bar setup. Third variation is (possibly..?) from seat belt, roll over outside shoulder, and take back.
May be confusing this with:
From side control, sit facing away from their head.. I forget, somehow catch one of their legs with your outside leg, roll them, switch feet and take the back…
It was 3 days ago…

Pertinent issues

While people chant Climate Change and Orange Man bad, in their happy go lucky conventional mainstream diet, there is concurrently an ‘ancient‘ battle between good and evil playing out, a ‘luciferian alliance’ (as put by Kerry Cassidy) battling their polar inverse, the novel creative realization itself (God).

Meanwhile Zero Point remains in the ether.

The depth of what we are waking up in the middle of is pretty lol