This video is sooo detailleedddd – still worth knowing.

Also this episode of The Primal Blueprint Podcast. Really reiterates the mentality I am beginning to foster about my health. It covers:

  • Skin health
  • Thyroid function – which I am yet to assimilate
  • Sleep – reiterating something I failed to do last night and hence paid the price
  • Coffee – detailing the narrative of addiction and how it doesn’t serve.
  • Liver cleanses – although the guest seems against them in favor of other protocols, specifically a supplement based on broccoli. Here to be frank I am getting a bit over constantly recommended supplements – often it seems they are just to generate profit for whoevers pushing them.
  • Time frame for gut health and immune health to balance to a Primal lifestyle – maybe six months to a year – of low sugar, very little grain eating for the point of removing candida/parasites/bacteria etc. Then there’s the whole low carb thing aswell.
  • Not going in guns blazing to remove things like Candida etc
  • Switching up probiotics, something I was about to do basically by chance anyway..
  • Also there’s all this excitement about anti-oxidants. This confuses me reading about ozone in the Plazamafire ebook, where studies are referenced that show free radical theory is apparently void?!

Thats a large part of it I guess..

DHT – Distributed hash table

Basically DHT is a living mesh of neurons able to duplicate information around the globe. This is why I have passion for the not just the internet but connected electronic networks generally. I remember

When I was maybe 7 years old I went into the computer room in the library and discovered the first instance I’d really seen of a computer network; probably the most advanced piece of electronics I’d really laid eyes on growing up.

Rogan and Theroux on Darkness

On Wednesday night I gave in to my hunger (Candida??) and ate some chocolate and nuts around midnight. This is the second time I’ve snacked late at night with the mindset ‘we’ll see how I’m going tomorrow, surely this won’t affect me’… Wrong. I felt this weird dark energy yesterday. It very likely is largely due to the content I was chatting about Wednesday night as well as messing with my digestion/sleep  by snacking. Anyway it was good timing to watch this episode of JRE with Louis Theroux. They were talking a lot about Scientology, and about how beliefs work etc..

Stephen Heuer on Gut health pt. 2

Around 30 Mins in to this show (july 18, 2016) they mention the benefits of ozone dentistry which sounds really interesting, not sure if I got that episode.

The show notes mention a lot about Bravo yoghurt which is why I’m listening again. Around 38 Minutes in Stephen mentions yoghurt can be remade after the first batch. 1 quart (1 L) of yoghurt, add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Colostrum to a new batch (using some of the previous batch). This is fine for doing batches for a couple months (the yoghurt lasts 2 weeks).

Mp3 Link. – Stephen Heuer on reversing all sorts of allergic reactions, July 18, 2016, hour two.

Speaking my language – Medicine has become a religion (sigh)

For me talking about medicine is often a frustrating situation. The most taboo idea to bring up (not that I ever do) is perhaps Vaccines, where the word vaccine itself is welded to a cartoonish mockery of silly people.. “lol those nutjobs who refuse to vaccinate”.. To me it’s really interesting how religious people are in their beliefs about medicine, I hadn’t really used the religion analogy before listening to Dr. Gary Foresman in this podcast (embedded below). Note on vaccine research…

It has been disheartening for me to hear people who truly believe themselves to be intelligent and on the ball adamantly lock themselves into this generic disempowering mindset that Doctors know best. Hearing this podcast is very reassuring in this respect, which is aligned with an understanding I am coming to, that I should be the mechanic of my own health and nutrition… (how much do doctors learn about nutrition??).

In thinking about this ago old conundrum of ideology Vs science, the thought that western medicine treats symptoms comes up. I guess if medicine treated causation the profit motive would dry up; and now we’re in the rabbit hole…


Stephen Heuer on Gut health

I’ve just made a pretty expensive purchase of some yogurt from the US after listening to this episode. I just got through hour 2 and the topics covered were pretty diverse. In the second hour they even got to talking about about Candida where Stephen talks about how toxins (heavy metals etc) can cause the body’s natural Candida levels to grow out of balance. This sounds like talking sense to me and Stephen seems to have a honest understanding of what he’s talking about. He mentioned Whey protein as being useful for chelating out toxins, whereas I am looking at buying zeolite to do the same thing. I read this article which is along a similar path to what I’m doing, one of the products linked on that page I believe was a form of Zeolite..

Mp3 Link. – Stephen Heuer on reversing all sorts of allergic reactions, July 18, 2016, hour one.

Part two here.

Liver Flush Success

Liver Stones
Taken from google images

I just completed a 6 day Liver flush, which resulted in the successful passing of a bunch of stones, perhaps around 10 pea sized stones as well as a few much larger ones, larger than Macadamia nuts! I think my liver is on the way to being much healthier.

I did the 6 day cleanse as described here, with the final flush last night.

The more I listen and read about digestive health, the more I want to understand and optimise mine. Having clear bile ducts seems super important for my immune system, so I’ll keep this focus up.. I’m feeling really good after my parasite cleanse, although reading this post makes me think I need to focus more on strengthening my gut bacteria. Strengthening my guy bacteria is happening with Kefir shakes every morning, although listening to this podcast makes me think I should try this bravo yoghurt for a while, with Colostrum.