BJJ Monday

Did a 7:30pm BJJ session last night, was really good. I’ll note that Ben Greenfield’s comments about training sooner than 3 hours before sleep messes with deep sleep. Can confirm, finished training after 9pm, under florescent lights (blue light). Feeling like I didn’t get good sleep, which I noticed during the night.. I’ll modify that […]

Joe Rogan Experience #1120 – Ben Greenfield

Notes chronologically: 35 Mins: Traumatic brain injury (Ketones, DHA, hyperbaric O2, stem cells, PEMF) 40 Mins: Fasting for stem cell production (~16 hours is where it kicks in). 44:50 Mins: Protein cycling (meatless Monday, fish/eggs only meats).Mark Sisson talks very briefly about protein cycling here. From ‘The Primal Blueprint’: “As you learned already, you need an […]