USoS (United States of Space) – Chappelle

everything is space. . .within possibility is an idea, even a constant idea like maths. Maths + idea = physical reality. Idea = dimentionality. dimension change linearly, dimension called time. in spacetime is persistent virtual energy flux called particle, around particle is force relation, you stay near me particle thats how this thing works. You […]

Syncing TrueCrypt Volumes (across a windows network)

I have been looking for a way to synchronize an encrypted Truecrypt  volume. This is a tricky problem, as a truecrypt volume is simply a large (possibly several GB) file, which appears as a disk drive when mounted with truecrypt. I have been looking into this technology lately as a method to have a safe […]

Australia: The Secret Country Again Wages War on its Own People

Australia: The Secret Country Again Wages War on its Own People. “When “act of genocide” was used in the 1997 landmark report Bringing Them Home, which revealed that thousands of Indigenous children had been stolen from their communities by white institutions and systematically abused, a campaign of denial was launched by a far-right clique around […]


Text copied from Ura P Auckland’s facebook photo post: ” It saddens me to see how many Australians have fallen for what is an absolute commercial play. I am pro-data on vaccines, not pro-vaccine, not anti-vaccine. I worked in the business of medical science and science for 15 years. There are reasons for the right […]

Bashar – “2015 – 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction”

Bashar: “You experience things the way you define them. You understand? Your definitions absolutely color and filter your experience of physical reality because physical reality is just your projection. Physical reality doesn’t exist without your perception of it. It doesn’t exist on its own empirically. It exists in a variety of ways on its own […]