Political Correctness

Muslims acting as people with western values shall find multi-level integration into western soceity. Those disciples of islam choosing to express the teachings of Mohummad, while contradicting the autonomous agency of western ethical standards, will serve to test the integrity of western values.

Newtons third law of motion for bodies of mass (mass being light wave probability acting in quantum space observed as matter [light based universe]) states:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This can be applied as a metaphor for the moral equlibrium of a soul journey. In that sense Western values are being tested to master poilirisation. Belief systems based on scarcity and seperation may ultimatelty be seen as adolescent, serving to allow lessons of enlightnment and personal growth through mindful reflection. These patterns of behaviour (victim, victimiser etc) aren’t of any real pracical use where play of a more subtle and nuanced creative nature can take place.

Salt rampage

I made an iTunes podcast search for salt. Partially motivated by reading on my heavy metal protocol, but also because of cramps tied to salts as identified by my BJJ coach. Just had  > a teaspoon of dissolved Celtic sea salt in a Powerade bottle, feeling better…. Another mineral to obsess about 🙂

From the protocol: “If you are having a hay-fever attack, try the salt and a glass of water. Make sure and look at the second hand of a clock. Because you will want to take note in how many seconds it takes to work.”

Feels good in my lungs too… hmmm..!!!!!

In my head this feels a little Wim Hoff’y like a cellular cleaning in my brain…
“The body needs the Chloride from salt to detoxify, to make the right amount of HCL in the stomach for digestion, to clean neurons”

This all feels a little synchronistic

here we go: Continue reading “Salt rampage”


An observation of ‘that troublesome’ religion in as far as overt violent exploitation from a meta perspective is perhaps a word ‘scary’, in it’s advertised self evident raw violence alas it is nothing more than an idea permeating through the minds of a suchly inclined population (serving as a polarized inversion of ‘weak bitches’ so called) in the domain of super accelerated individual fractally/holographically macro group evolution.

Mad Beats

Thank you (for not being shit at ‘the drop’)

An expose in modern dance

from Tiesto clublife 559

Magnificent Magnesium

Reading the Wilking protocol, magnesium is talked about as a first tier detox supplement. One of the pages linked is from the Weston A Price website so while it took my lazy ass a while, I got through reading it. They talk about how topical treatment of magnesium chloride has many benefits:

“There are many advantages to transdermal magnesium therapy, since the gastrointestinal tract is avoided altogether and there is no laxative effect. Next to intravenous magnesium administration, transdermal therapy provides a greater amount of magnesium to be absorbed than even the best tolerated oral supplements, and can restore intracellular concentrations in a matter of weeks rather than the months required for oral supplementation.”

I was going to order from iherb, but yesterday did a search of local chemist websites, and was really happy to find Bioglan Active Magnesium Cream, with 30% mag chloride. There were some other apparent mag oils I found, but they didn’t say anything about concentration.. I put some of this cream on various places around my body and was very impressed. I have a weak left wrist and in this area there was a burning sensation for around half an hour… literally giving my cells a missing ingredient, I guess this would have been mobilising calcium and helping a lot.. My wrist isn’t sore this morning 🙂

Also, not directly related, this morning I saw posted on the Wilking fb group a video about Willard Water, which is on iherb 🙂

Proj. Camelot: PATRICIA CORI

From here:

…Twenty years since she first re- connected and attuned to a group of extra-dimensional light beings that her readers have come to know as the Sirian High Council, this collective returns, through Patricia’s dedicated process as their Scribe, with new revelations that affirm the veracity of earlier prophecies, while transmitting new visions for the human race. They affirm that we are ascending through the outer reaches of the fourth dimension into new levels of conscious awareness and parallel realities, as we prepare for our imminent emergence. Their messages delve into crucial issues facing humankind and the planet today, to include the merging of mind and AI, exoplanetary migrations for our species (and what that means for planets that will receive us), coming clean about cloning, the care and feeding of the human soul, and the slipping of the time-space continuum.