Recent: Elon Musk elaborates on his AI concerns

“working on AI and making sure its [a] great future. Thats the most important thing I think right now, the most pressing item”

“if you could prevent dementia, or Alzheimer or something like that with genetic reprogramming” hmm well maybe not the genetic reprogramming but I guess my learning this year would be along the same thread as optimizing health, which I guess is a different perspective on preventing psychopathology.
-Hmm well really we are talking genetic reprogramming with diet along the lines of epigenetics, likely the most interesting half lecture in first year psychology.

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Primal Blueprint Podcast #114 – Adrenal Fatigue & Cortisol issues

Just thought I would give this podcast a go and it has so far given me two things which may prove to be profound. The first was eating carbs before an evening workout then none after; coercing the body to become more efficient with protein and fat, which showed results for athletes. The Second I have linked below and relates to Adrenal Fatigue & Cortisol issues.

I have be having a really acute sugar sensitivity for quite a while. I have slowly been figuring this out which lead me to the Primal diet after watching Mark Sisson’s episode of JRE. Initially I lost interest as soon as he said no grains, but after mood crashes at inopportune times I needed to try something new. So I wondered if there was a primal podcast; there is and this episode I think I have listened to for probably 3 times it’s length. I was looking for the the part of what to do about adrenal fatigue; which is the start point of the video.
They talk about Vitamin C, B, D and ‘full spectrum salt’… Which I started yesterday. I might go to the doctors later today and see if I can get some tests done, specifically:
  • Vitamin D
  • Thyroid
  • Cortisol
  • blood glucose

Would be interesting to see how these change after a week, since I started Vitamin B and salt yesterday and D a few days ago.

Also may need to look into DHEA and D12 levels (or something)…

found another one, July 24 2014, probably sub, maybe even tropical:
Yayday yayday, we’re going up

Scarcity = exploiting vulnerability?
What happens when the destroyer becomes self aware?

drug prohibition

-just found this dated 25 Sep  14
Imagine if all the packaging companies lobbied for knife prohibition to protect preprepared food packaging profits. Parents would spout ideology like “knives are bad” or “just say no to knives” and all the ‘hippie conspiracy theorists’ would talk about the problems with ‘big packaging’


No Critical Thinking

Text copied from Ura P Auckland’s facebook photo post:

It saddens me to see how many Australians have fallen for what is an absolute commercial play.

I am pro-data on vaccines, not pro-vaccine, not anti-vaccine. I worked in the business of medical science and science for 15 years.

There are reasons for the right vaccines for the right disease.

There are also appalling vaccines like HPV that should never have come to market, and which as I have shared before I know HPV disease experts who won’t have that vaccine administered to their kids.

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Agency exists for a reason. Anything injected in the body will have side effects and some people do die.

I have no interest in engaging in endless debates with pro-vax people or anti-vax people. Life is never just black or just white. If you have been wound up into a black or white position you are ignoring some of the data, and supporting one or other vested interest.

Which brings me to ‘NoJabNoPlayNoPay’.

The NoJabNoPlay campaign was initiated by the Murdoch Daily Telegraph. Yes, a newspaper that is supposed to report news, not initiate a campaign.

James Murdoch was a Director of Glaxo Smith Kline one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. He decided not to stand for reelection in 2012 is the official story, but the vaccine media strategy was already born, now it served GSK better if Murdoch was not tied to them: Plausible Deniability they call it in the game.

One could wonder why a drug and vaccine company needed the skills of a media expert on its board. But one doesn’t need to wonder too long.

The Murdochs were successful in having NSW Law passed on the supposed public support manufactured by the Murdoch Press for NoJabNoPlay.

Now Abbott has handed his masters NoJabNoPay and GSK and their cohorts will be slapping themselves on the back in the board room.

Australia, you have been played.

I am all for management of epidemiology, I am also very much for proper peer reviewed science and rigour in searching for side effects and creating better vaccines. Side effects are real as you can see on any drugs legal disclaimers inside the box in small print.

Science is funded by business in 95% of cases today folks, and so too is media and PR.

Join me in the middle ground and look for the truth not one side or the others propaganda.