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I found this page from listening to a podcast on One Radio Network. Reading this very well written, concise and easy to follow pdf has brought up… yet another intervention. I’d heard about turpentine around 6 months ago as one of the original methods to deal with parasites, but decided to skip it keeping in mind my alcohol sensitivity (not even sure if terps is an alcohol). This PDF has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for turpentine after reading the intro:

"Your body completes the digestion process in the small intestines and this is where nutrients are absorbed. The candida spreads itself across the surface of the small intestines and intercepts the nutrients for its own use. Many nutrients that are not absorbed by the candida remain unavailable to your body due to the barrier that the layer of candida creates. This causes fatigue as your body expends all the energy of digestion and gets none of the benefit."

Can relate… Constant hunger, compromised immune function, tiredness, especially after food, sugar sensitivity (+ gluten, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity).

On the alternative nature of turpentine, one of the first things I did to learn about my gut health was seek blood tests from a doctor. The young Doc I spoke wasn’t super happy about my attempt to understand my health for myself, saying something like “Carbohydrates are sugars, if you remember your biology class” I get it, I don’t want to challenge the ego of this new Doc, despite him having to ring another doc to ask what to do relating to sugar sensitivity.

So now were back where I was maybe 6 months ago.. looking into Turpentine – the pure gum stuff available at the local hardware store, definitely not available at health food stores. Fun fact, apparently Turpentine used to be in medical literature (this is talked about in Dr Daniels PDF, also wiki link)..

Starting the protocol today meant no meat. I’m actually pretty pleased with the food I prepared, never really used leek or squash before.. I worked out nutritional intake just to know where I’m at, since hunger isn’t a good gauge..


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  1. hi my name ks daniel I started using the 100% gum resin turpentine..yesterday I found the right kind and began using…I did 1 teaspoon…and waited ..nothing happened I have been ndetox ing with variuos other stuff for a while I used diatamaceous earth …clay..herbal cleansers..boron solution baking soda..then I found your website on youtube and listened and I am trying it..
    I tried 1 tsp..waited …nothing happened after a few hours so…again another teaspoon..with sugar waited again nothing happened …after a few hours another teaspoon..waited .. this time some gas and stomach gurgling ..maybe intestines then went to sleep …got up ..felt good…clear headed… 2 1 teaspoon with sugar in the morning..went to the restroom…usual stuff and .. seamed ok..nothing unusual..worked all day no issues went several times to the toilet….at the end of the day seemed ok…took another 1 tsp with sugar and now …..I feel good..energized…feel a little itchiness …more than usual…and notice my hands dont have the same pain as usual..seems less than usual.. thats a good thing…I think I will take 1 tsp after work every day ..see what will happen then

    1. mm I tried this protocol a few months ago and it didn’t feel right so haven’t done it since. It may have been the process of parasites dieing though.. I’m really not sure

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