20160621_152212Continuing my ozone research from my parasite research I am still quite optimistic about the possible benefits. It seems  health benefits may prove very interesting. I’m pretty impressed by the seeming popularity of ozone for a range of health benefits around the world.

I think the best way to approach ozone within my parasite treatment will be to try ozone while looking for any contraindications.

Regarding O3 levels in the air, oxygenhealingtherapies.com mentions that ozone should not be able to be smelled, but rather the air should be fresh and:

“Ozone levels in your home should remain very low at all times, so that the air remains fresh and clean, but you should not be able to smell a constant odor of ozone. If you leave the home for an hour or so and come back and you can smell a strong odor of Ozone, then you have too much ozone in your home. If you leave the home and come back and smell nice fresh air (like just after a thunderstorm) then the ozone levels in your home are correct.”

Recommendations for one particular protocol mention people are “encouraged to follow the entire protocol, which can be done in sequence (rectal insufflation, sauna bag, ozonated water) and completed in a half hour. The best times are early morning or late afternoon, but these treatments should not be done within three hours of eating a heavy meal.”

The ozone generator I have bought isn’t one of the super expensive ones with granular control nor an external O2 supply, although it does seem to have the best kind of Cold Corona generator available, so I should be able to get some good use from it.

I really enjoyed this podcast (downloaded to my podcast app using a feed I created). Another one I’m yet to check out is with Peter Jovanovic who seems very active and involved in Ozone.

Ozone groups and sources for info

I’ve found good info on ozone at o3center.org and oxygenhealingtherapies.com.

International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy
-ISCO3 has a database of ozone articles

Dr Frank Shallenberger’s website

Stumbled upon this video by Robert Rowen MD, but I’m pleased with the super enthusiastic intro given by the doctor. There’s some pretty amazing stuff on his YouTube page.

Reading this overview was really interesting. This quote regarding ozonated oils looks worth investigating: “Ozonized oils were used in still other Cuban studies to successfully treat candidiasis and giardiasis, a parasitic condition.” The referenced study used ozonized sunflower oil (Oleozon).


As far as drinking ozonated water, this page recommends a good saturation. This page recommends low temp (4 degrees C).I’ve tried 20 minutes of running ozone through a glass of water, also I vented the air outside with a small fan to prevent breathing the fumes. I did actually notice a boost in feelings of well being after drinking, not sure how much placebo is playing a role at this stage.

I may have to build a ozone sauna of some kind. Looks interesting… This could possibly complement an IR sauna? I tried to make a steam sauna expanding on the ozone bagging idea – this was frustrating so I bought one. Remains to be seen how this goes.

So apparently bubbling through olive oil is good for the respiratory system. Also Ozonated oils seem to show really good results

This page talks about healing joint issues.

thetruthaboutcancer.com talks about ozone use.