John Maynard interviewed by Greer, Sirius Disclosure.

I heard someone mention recently that this guy completely disappeared after this series of disclosures. This was his interview by Greer:

DIA Secrecy on UFOs – John Maynard, Defense Intelligence Agency / Disclosure Proj. Testimony Archive

“John Maynard was a military intelligence analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. In the course of his 21 years career he saw evidence of the military’s interest in UFOs in a variety of ways: electronic communications which did not originate from earth; military photos of UFOs. While at the DIA, he became familiar with the compartmentalization process of maintaining secrecy. He saw spy plane photos with clear UFOs in them.

Artificial Inelligence

Dare I write it down even. AI infiltration. I guess that to some extent is what is behind the last couple years. Franco did mention troubles with this perhaps early 2021. Not even going to go there…

Except to share this video:
GFW AI Infiltration, Star Trek and the US Navy with Commander Val Nek

… — which btw was my assumption as it related to Gen Flynn (for one), so it’s kinda interesting to see it defined in such a distinct and matter of fact way by Megan. Praise Jesus. Praise the higher powers allowing the grace of the natural organic expression we see, in Jesus name Amen.

Also worth noting that Franco referred to the ego itself as an AI… Installed as a filter relating to the inverted matrix of the last 10,000 years, ‘offered’ to us by Draco Reps..

Further I am just getting up to date regarding this.. I read of this article which initially I assumed was fake.. turns out the timeline is that this whole thing happened just after the joint call between Megan and Eleena, as in the recent article below this one.
Note Megan also addresses this content in this video:

AI Proliferation

How would a hardware AI translate through Ethernet? Disguise itself as the host it has infected in all functionality, in order to stay hidden behind the false walls it has painted, objectively fabricating the boundaries of the host system in order to obfuscate detection. It’s attempts to sense information coming back through its various sensors

MTHFR, Folate and Liver

I have high Histamine (when a doc tested serum histamine), this correlates to undermethylation. I notice when I have red meat, I feel cognitively much better. This is something that’s only recently started to sink in. I was listening to an ATP podcast, possibly one on MTHFR and they were touting the benefits of liver. I think I remember Mark Sisson talking about blending liver raw? So I cooked up some liver from an online recipe. yes. Success. This will now in one way or another be a staple in my diet. Possibly I might try blending in a stirfry…

I still don’t totally understand the whole process.. but the words methionine and homocystine came to me after I ate this liver and felt great… I think methlyation turns homocystine into usable methionine? or something…?

Edit: Well well well…
“Folic acid (folate) is one of the ‘B’ vitamins that is needed to metabolise homocysteine.” – I believe Liver was mentioned to be one of the best sources for folate in that podcast. Reading up on MTHFR and they mention that an issue is “converting folic acid (or more precisely 5,10-methylene tetrahydrofolate) into 5-methyl folate.” Which I think was one of the issues mentioned in the ATP episode… So potentially that may mean I have a MTHFR C677T block if liver is able to supply me with folate I am unable to convert from folic acid..? Also I was cooking this liver with a bunch of garlic and onion, possibly contraindicated