Hate speech laws in Australia

“One suspects that as religious vilification laws spread, the liberal proponents of these laws will end up unwittingly empowering those who believe that their religion should be above condemnation.”
-Daveed Gartenstein OCT 26, 2005

from a really interesting article on hate speech laws in Australia.

The article states

‘The Act prohibits conduct “that incites hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of” a class of people based on their religious beliefs. Its force was brought to bear against Scot and another pastor, Danny Nalliah, after three Australian converts to Islam covertly attended a seminar they held in March 2002, took notes, and then filed a legal complaint.’

Also from wikipedia

“The Court said the Tribunal had no business “attempt[ing] to assess the theological propriety of what was asserted at the Seminar.” The Court directed a re-hearing before a different judge. The pastors and the Islamic Council of Victoria prevented a re-hearing by resolving their conflict through mediation on 22 June 2007.”




After reading Dr. Mark Starr‘ book on Hypothyroidism as well as Elle Russ’ latest book The Paleo Thyroid Solution I am quite optimistic about the potential of thyroid hormone replacement. When I first heard Elle talking about thyroid hormone replacement on the primal blueprint podcast, I was skeptical. I had the mindset that I could do all the steps such as diet such and vitamin supplementation to get the results I’m after. Since then and after reading these books, I’m optimistic about the this potential solution given my symptoms. So I guess thyroid is my latest intervention.

And what do you know, Joe Freaking Rogan is on Thyroid replacement hormones (at 43:50)

she’s warming up

In a possible American civil war, you will have the #woke sovereign patriots fighting to the death with programmed humans existing within a projected thinly veiled false mainstream narrative (Trump is a Russian agent ect), the manifestations of this false narrative are transpersonal in nature and from that understanding represent a collective mass ego death, by coming face to face with this shadow of the human experience – interdimensional entities of parasitic nature. what the f


Random thought: The Australian government is like someone farting in an elevator, it’s not (visibly) overly gruesome. Which is nice.

Different: Sean Spicer’s First White House Press Briefing

I never understood the L Vs R thing until recently. The emotion of the ‘Left’ / MSM / etc is so interesting

Also Stefan Molyneux’ podcast I’ve found interesting lately. Very interesting education in the ramifications of various political movements. I heard the left/right referred to mummy/daddy.. That seems to make sense. Especially within the last couple months..

So you have Sean Hannity mentioning SAPs obtained from Hillary C’s emails (below) which has commonly been placed in the territory of ‘conspiracy’, likely placed there by the agency. The de-lidding of all this info makes documents such as these [majesticdocuments.com] more interesting.