So I was just looking for some more info on the Zapper, I was really ready to list it on ebay as a failure, I was watching YouTube videos literally beginning to think this whole Hulda Clark thing is a religion based outside Science. I watched this (not sure why)

which reinvigorated my faith (irony); so I’ll Zap now I guess..

My brain was just recalibrating itself” That’s how I felt Tuesday and Wedneday (!!!) – thinking the Clark Parasite Cleanse had worked. I think I may have stopped Zapping before my ‘brain fog’ hastily returned.

What’s also really interesting about this video is the similarity in the symptomology of the situation, in as far as constant hunger and brain fog. Also I really should be following the Zapper protocol more stringently if I want to… properly case test it. ehh. duh.

In a podcast interview (on one radio network) Dr Clark claimed  that garlic feeds some parasites, this is an example of why I question the whole Clark ideology – but – the above video has a really great invigorating message. Zapping time. This other video by the same uploader is sounding pretty familiar….

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