Light environment

After listening to this episode, you will understand why our light environment is just as important as our air, food, and water — and you are going to look at your blue-blocking glasses (or the people you have made fun of for wearing blue-blocking glasses) in a whole new light.

Ozone insufflation

I think this may be the answer to my chronic fatigue and similar brain fog/moodiness etc..

Ozonated water enema, followed by ozone insufflation.

Adding an ozone insufflation might be best before bed, as this has brought back a bunch of fatigue and similar sympsoms, as opposed to the enema, which energises me and makes me feel better.. Specifically, doing the insufflation early afternoon one day:

I have had images in my mind of a bunch of gross bugs being exposed from under their shelter, kinda like a heat shield on an exhaust pipe… (Visual imagery isn’t very common for me) The heat shield really doesn’t want to come off, but under it is teeming with gross bugs. I had the image of a snake like thing wrapped around some device inside an engine compartment being removed… Similar nondescript large worm like images poking out of tubes. Feeling kinda blocked and gross..

Notably, with the enemas I have been doing, all kinds of slime and worm like sheaths are coming out… Every time..

I will keep this modality up daily before bed.. we’ll see how it goes.. the fatigue, brain fog and discomfort after the insufflation isn’t really pleasant.. but these are familiar feelings regardless..

Have meditated and gone for a couple light jogs to try clear my mind.. Kinda feels like being in the middle of a mess during the process of cleaning up.. also have been watching latest Franco Denicola workshop the last couple days, so that likely is a little idiosyncratic..

Bowel health

Not a pretty topic, but was just recently having some issues with… smelly farts.. probably due to eating a bunch of junk food.
I did an ozonated water enema, and yea a bunch of gross, probably anaerobic, stuff came out. Go Ozone
Back to non processed food for me, including a diet of mainly veggies.

I will add that simply having a water enema (I’m sure ozonated water would help) seemingly has had an immediate positive effect on fatigue.. I guess a bunch of the bad actors causing issues reside in the bowel..

I waited till after the new moon (yes really) as recommended for this:

Gallbladder and Liver Flush

Just completed a Liver Flush this morning. Feeling more energetic and a sense of vibrancy this afternoon. Definitely a fan of this method. Reading YouTube comments from the below video, seems many are also having great results, including from acne. Initially after breakfast this morning I was actually really tired.. makes sense I guess.. Also I almost felt like vomiting after drinking the concoction last night.. much better after passing a bunch of ‘stones’ this morning

Digestive aids

I’ve been using digestive enzymes along with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) 20 minutes before eating to help with digestion. After a dentist visit, I just remembered “apple cider vinegar can be bad for your tooth enamel due to its high acidity.” – – I’ll make sure to rinse from now on.

Edit: O3 also kills bacteria, the bacteria which eat sugar and mess with your teeth.. So I have been rinsing with O3 water, and also drinking it

Vitamin D and Sulfur methylation

Really enjoying this episode of One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone. Covers Sulfur and methlation in terms of Bio Chem. Doesn’t seem to go into MTHFR genetics, which is evidently the most important thing for me. Initially I thought the reactions I was having to sulfur were a Herxheimer reaction.. Looking back with my new understanding of genetic defects (which it would symptomatically seem strongly that I have) it seems that my ability to methylate sulfur needs to be looked at much more closely