Health Breakthroughs

For years I have had chronic fatigue, brain fog and a less than ideal temperament. These are some of the things which have helped me most.


After hearing Mark Sisson on JRE, I adopted the primal lifestyle. I took it to the point of stringently trying to follow his guidelines for macro-nutrients. Although.. by following this guide and not listening to my body, I lost a bunch of weight.. My latest direction here is adopted from p70 and p71 of Flood Your Body With Oxygen, specifically:

Eat Less Fuel

Eat More Greens

I think these two directions may prove very helpful, both with the same issue, bad actors in my gut… I have been throwing large amounts of ‘fuel’ (red meat, lentils, rice etc) at my gut and found fatigue and similar issues remain. I have been taking digestive enzymes and Apple Cider Vinegar before eating, as it seems (in testing) that I am not digesting all my food properly. By increasing the amount of salad I have with meals, specifically preparing a salads to eat before my proteins/carbs, I am able to be satiated without eating a huge amount of macro-nutrients.


After having some cramping at JuiJitsu, my coach mentioned salt deficiency. I was able to find a great new podcast searching this area.

Ozonated water enemas

By ozonating a bunch of water, then adding hot water to bring it up to body temperature, this has shown to be a great way to flush my bowels of pretty bad smelling.. crap
I will add that this seemingly has had an immediate positive effect on chronic fatigue.. I guess a bunch of the bad actors causing issues reside in the bowel..

Dieting based on Genetics (Nutrigenomics)

Removing Sulfur from my diet seems to have been very important for me.

Lighting for Circadian rhythm

And More