Film Review: American Ultra

I watched this movie despite it’s not so great IMDB rating due to I mean what’s not to love about a clandestine thriller movie? Even worse on rotten tomatoes; 43%! wow. I give it 5 stars. It has everything I love in a good clandestine op’s film. Eh…

I especially like the casual almost humorous casting of the Lead and the lead Spy boss guy, I think the human aspect in that regard is cool, and not trying to create some scary bad guy or whatever.

Review: The Act of Killing

It doesn’t help that I watched this on a day where I feel crap. So I guess I overloaded my adrenals this morning with a coffee :/ I had 60 grams of carbs in the form of baked potatoes over lunch going with the theme of not caring (daily total 114 carbs, 154 protein and 161 fat, with dinner before 5.. fasting time). I watched ‘The Act of Killing’ which the Director Josh Oppenheimer describes as showing the underbelly of the society which we live in. It’s interesting how it shows the emotional struggle of the main character, basically a genocidal serial killer. Interesting as I think his struggle forms the individual version of the struggle we see in capitalism; confused in it’s malignant nature.

The film remind me of the saying ‘play with pigs and you’ll get dirty’. Anyway, after reading several of Stan Grofs books, I’m optimistic about the cyclical nature of death and rebirth on a collective scale – in the polarised sense that you can’t know light without darkness.